12 Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics That You Should Avoid

Protect yourself by knowing about these 12 potentially (and known) toxic ingredients in cosmetics and beauty products. Read all ingredients lists of products before buying them.

How to Do Nails With Nail Art Using a Toothpick

They say that the kind of nails you have mirrors what type of personality, confidence and style you posses. They say a lot about your health too. Have you taken a closer look at your fingernails recently? Are your cuticles thin? Is there a bluish tint on them? If your answer is yes, you might be having problems with your health. According to Tamara Lior, a dermatologist from the Cleveland Clinic Florida, “The nails, the same with our eyes are the window to our soul.” Hence, it is of great significance that they always look healthy.

New Treatment for Stubborn Fat: Zeltiq CoolSculpting

Most people don’t love their love handles. They believe that muffin tops belong in a bakery. They want their pooch at the end of a leash, not below the belly button. They eat a healthy diet and stay active, yet stubborn deposits of fat around the midsection just won’t budge. They want a non-surgical option to get their bodies back. Coolsculpting by Zeltiq could be the answer.

3 Benefits of Spray Tanning

If you are looking to get a beautiful, deep tan safely, you’ll find it’s never been easier than with today’s modern spray tans. Spray tanning is much safer than exposing your skin to harmful rays of the sun or tanning beds, and offers other great benefits as well. It’s a great choice for both men and women of all ages.

Alternative Uses Of Botox As Muscle Relaxant

For more than two decades, Botox has been used to relieve pain and to reduce muscle spasms for patients of the most serious illnesses. The most popular application of Botox, however, is in getting rid of fine lines and preventing the formation of deeper wrinkles. Its effects are immediate and accurate even for small areas of the skin.

Quick and Extremely Manageable Hairstyles For Short Hair

Every now and then, most people love to change their hairstyle to adapt the new trend. Lately, having short hair has been the craze for both adults and young ones. Women say that short hair is great for it does not only give style; it is also easy to manage. Hairstyles for short hair look best if they are combined with other colors for these colors add to the femininity of a woman. Basically, there are three kinds of short hair; jaw length, super short and chin length. However, the most famous short hair cut is the bob cut. This is applicable to different shapes of faces. This type of hair cut is best suited for women with straight hair. If you have a wavy hair and want to get this kind of haircut, it is best that you have your hair straightened first.

Find Anti Aging Foods for Skin: The Worthy Caviar

Information about caviar: where it comes from, what does it consist of and how it can help human body health. It is also a good support in skin care and the special role played by the minerals it contains.

Lip Waxing Products: Three Signs That You Need Them

For men, the popularity of body hair seemed to peak in the 1960’s and 1970’s, when bearded hippies walked the streets, and scruffy chested celebrities like Burt Reynolds doubled as pin up models. For women, though, body hair has never been more than a culturally acceptable or fetishistic feature. Yes, there are beaches in Europe where hirsute honies strut their stuff, and websites where guys can gaze at girls whose bodies are fuzzy, but hairless – especially in the facial area – is a firmly entrenched trait of feminine beauty.

Hair Removal Cream: How Does It Stack Up Against the Competition?

For decades, applying hair removal cream has been one of the most ways of eliminating hair. Even with the invention of newer products such as home waxing strips, and permanent solutions such as electrolysis, thousands of people still use chemical depilatory cream to eliminate unwanted hair from small areas such as between the eyebrows, and large areas like the back. If you are thinking about using a chemical depilatory to eliminate hair, consider how it compares to other products in four key areas: cost, effectiveness, convenience, and safety.

Hair Removal Products: Which One Is Best for Your Skin?

Hair removal is a common cosmetic procedure that helps people achieve cleaner, smoother looking skin, but sometimes hair removal products negate their intended effect by causing irritation. Before you use a product, you should consider how it could affect your skin. To make an educated decision about which solution would be best for your skin, it helps to look at the potential reactions that each option could cause.

Tips for Applying Upper Lip Wax

Several things cause women to have facial hair, such as ethnicity, medications, and menopause, to name a few. If noticeable hair grows on your lip, you may be wondering how to remove it. After all, there are several options, including: shaving, hair removal cream, and home waxing strips.

Top Makeup Tips for Beginners

Get started using makeup like the pros. With the right makeup tips and techniques anyone can recreate their style and get makeup looks like celebrities.

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