700๐Ÿ’ฒ juicer unboxing and making my 1st juice!

I decided to start juicing so I bought My first ever juicer let's unbox it Here she I decided for black one I think I made a good choice it will also go Well with my blender see they look so Cute together and my flowers have that Please ignore always the most satisfying Part A big Juice Glass I like it I think We're ready we just have to go pick up Some veggies and I can make my first Juice but I'm gonna have to be very Quick because it's been raining on and Off all morning today let's just pick up Some leafy greens some celery carrots And that's it I washed and prepped my Veggies I think I'm gonna start with Carrots why am I scared okay relax it's Just a juicer let's just do it Oh my gosh you guys can you see that This is actually delicious I have a Feeling that this will make it taste Good That's pretty tasty

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