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Tips for Everyday Makeup at the Office

When it comes to wearing makeup at your office, the challenge starts with selecting the appropriate makeup suitable for the corporate atmosphere. You have to wear a look that spells professional and competent without overdoing it. The goal is to wear makeup that enhances your natural beauty.

MakeUp Tips for Women in Their 40s

As you age, your style of makeup changes as well. What looked good in your 20s and 30s don’t mean that it would suit you once you hit your 40s. This goes to say that if you happen to be still holding on to your makeup style of yesteryears in an effort to look young, you are just getting the opposite outcome of what you hope to achieve.

How to Do Gradient Lips the Way Korean Women Do

The latest lipstick trend going around Asia is the Korean gradient lips. Often worn by actresses and female singers, this makeup seeks to make one’s lips look smaller and makes an adult woman look youthful and innocent. This “ulzzang” lippie style has caught the world’s attention and now, many Western girls are also loving it.

The Basics of How Korean Women Do Their Makeup

Who doesn’t like the natural look of Korean makeup? It gives such a refreshing effect that women from the West and all over the world are going gaga over it. If you want to have some of that fresh and youthful glow, knowing these basic Korean tips would help you achieve that look.

Tips For Getting The Best Hair Color

Every now and then we like to change the way our hair looks. We generally do this by getting haircuts or changing the hair color. These approaches to changing our looks can either subtly enhance what we already have, or they can completely make us look like a different person.

How To Decide If Keratin Hair Straightening Is Right For You

If you like the look of haircuts that require straight hair, but you have naturally curly hair, then keratin hair straightening products might be your best alternative. The other alternative to wearing haircuts that require straight hair is for you to apply heat through the use of a flat iron each day to make your curly tresses lie in the correct manner.

Tips For Finding The Latest Hairstyles

Our hair is something most of us strive to keep looking as good as possible. Most people have different opinions about what things can help to create the best haircuts, but most of us agree the latest hairstyles are important to know so that our hair does not look “old fashioned” or “out of style”.

How to Make an Apple Night Cream

Your skin takes the bulk of pollutant exposure after a hard day’s work so it’s only proper that you give it some tender loving care before you retreat for bed. We are recommending this DIY night cream made from apples that you can easily do to give your skin some needed nourishment and revitalization.

Indoor Tans Vs. Outdoor Tans

There are two ways to get a real tan – you can do outdoors in the sun, or you can do inside of a tanning booth at a salon. Each method of tanning has its benefits and weaknesses: Indoor Tanning -It allows you to control the amount of time you spend in the sun, ideally to reduce burning. It also allows you to tan during winter when it is too cold to do outdoors.

Shelf Life Of Handmade Creams

It is not a secret that handmade cosmetics have a short shelf life due to the fact that it contains natural ingredients and the minimal amount of preservatives. Find out how it is necessary to store handmade creams and it will help you to prolong shelf life of your cosmetics!

How to Cut Your Own Hair – Simple Yet Useful Tips

There are times when you get tired of spending too much for a good haircut. If so, it is about time to learn the skill of cutting your own hair. Following are some simple tips regarding this.

Permanent Hair Removal Through Electrolysis and Its Benefits

More than a problem, unwanted hair growth can be embarrassing. Unwanted hair growth mainly occurs due to factors, like hormonal imbalance, heredity, age, certain medications, etc. Electrolysis is done on each hair of the body part and stops the growth of the hair consequently.

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