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Controlling Oily Hair and Skin

If there is one ingredient you cannot live without when it comes to controlling oily hair and skin, it’s Zinc PCA. Zinc PCA is the zinc salt of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid and it is highly effective in contributing to a healthy hair and scalp by reducing the amount of sebum that is produced. Sebum is the body’s natural oil production, which of-course we need.

Looking Young From Head to Toe

The way we dress is a reflection of our character, status and our age – or at least, our state of mind about our age. Wearing loose or baggy clothing doesn’t show off your natural assets. In fact, it makes you look frumpy, and – well, old.

Using Lavender for a Calming Clean

Many soaps and body washes on the market are full of chemicals and non-natural ingredients that are not good for your skin. These ingredients, while they may appeal to mass markets, are not really a wholesome or eco-friendly way to find a healthy clean.

Pressed Powder Versus Loose Powder

Face powder is important because it keeps the shine off your face and also helps your makeup last longer. It’s also quite helpful to absorb moisture in the hot months. There are two kinds of powder you can choose from: pressed or loose.

Great Foods for Great Looks

When it comes to looking good, a proper diet is critical. Your body needs support to grow long silky hair, strong fingernails and generate fresh skin cells. Too many people think that health food is equivalent to boring and tasteless. Not true.

Tips to Successfully Dye Your Own Hair

There are many reasons we choose to colour our hair. Perhaps we want to hide those wispy strands of gray and white hairs that seem to appear overnight. Maybe we just want to freshen up our appearance by going a little lighter or a little darker. Others wish for a dramatic change by completely altering the colour of their hair from brown to blonde or maybe blond to red.

Put on a Happy Face With Derma Fillers

Very deep frown lines and wrinkles can pull down your face and make you appear to be in a constant state of grumpiness. It can be frustrating, not only on a physical level, but emotionally as well. Even when you smile, these deep lines can leave you looking ragged and unpleasant. This is likely not the image you want to project to the world.

Make-Up Musts For Women 40 and Over

Original article The older we get, the more we are drawn to beauty supplies and cosmetics in an effort to retain the appearance of youth. As fine lines begin to appear, women need to adjust the way they apply their makeup in order to look their best. Women tend to be creatures of habit, but as you grow older, you may need to change a few of those habits in order to put your best face forward.

Caring for Your Manicure

Painted nails look best when they are shiny and freshly polished. Once nail polish starts to chip, crack or flake it detracts from the glamorous look you started with. Keeping your nails and cuticles looking their best simply means knowing when and how to apply touch ups, and when to start fresh.

Banish Winter Skin – Look Younger

Ever notice how winter skin makes you look older? Dry skin will cause you to look more heavily lined and wrinkled, adding instant years onto your face, hand and neck? What can you do to appear younger, reducing line and wrinkles from winter skin?

Open A Tanning Salon With 7 Easy Tips

It isn’t easy to open a tanning salon but if it is your dream to have a salon business, you can take a lot of gratification from all the hard work you will put into it. There are some tips that can help you make the task of opening a tanning business easier and smoother. Before you can open a business, you have to learn more about tips and tricks to make your business lucrative.

Aloe Vera Benefits for Women

Everywhere you look today there are products that claim to contain aloe, making it one of the most popular additives for bath and beauty products. This is because of Aloe’s purported abilities to help heal and rejuvenate the skin. Aloe’s ability to heal has been known for thousands of years: African hunters used it as a antiperspirant and it was also an ancient beauty secret among the pharaohs.

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