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Boosting Thin, Limp Hair

People with very fine or thin hair have difficulty finding products that work well in their tresses. This type of hair needs featherlight products, because any heaviness will further pull down the hair, reducing the volume even further.

The Correct Way to Use Hair Gel

There’s a good variety of hair styling products to help give your style control and design. Hairspray, soft foamy mousse and thick hair gel are among the most commonly used products. Many consumers steer away from hair gel after misguided attempts to use it resulted in disastrous hair styles.

How to Look Slim

Does this make me look fat? While your spouse may roll their eyes when you ask that question, it’s actually a valid query. Certain styles and colour will draw attention to pudgy areas, while others will give our bodies more flow, allowing us to look slimmer.

Is Your Skin Cream Killing You Softly?

A large segment of commercial daily care and personal products rely on preservatives to give them a longer shelf life. Unfortunately, these types of products have recently been linked to illness and disease, such as cancer and birth defects.

3 Steps to Eliminate Under Eye Circles

Deep circles or shadows beneath the eye occur when there is a build up of fluid below the skin. It’s more common as we age, since the skin begins to sag naturally, making the swelling more apparent. Aside from aging, dark circles and puffiness below the eye can also come from allergies, illness, poor diet, not enough sleep or in some cases, it can be a hereditary trait.

Anti-Aging Skin Care And Vitamin C

A few years back Vitamin C in skin care products was all the rage in the fight against aging skin. Today it is still a key ingredient in preventing and diminishing age spots and wrinkles yet the science and technology is even better.

Pampering Your Tired Feet

Our feet take on the entire weight of our body as they carry us throughout the day. Socks and hosiery can reduce the circulation in the feet, while shoes can often bind our feet, cramping the muscles in the feet and toes. Taking care of your feet is important to your overall looks and well being, since many of the nerve tracks for your body start at the feet.

Use Two Aspirin for Clear Skin

There’s an old folk remedy that rubbing a pimple with aspirin will clear it up. According to dermatologists, this is more than an old wives tale, it’s actually true. As long as you’re not allergic to aspirin or ASA, a couple of aspirin will indeed clear up your skin.

Creating Your Own Lip Colours

Original article Sometimes it’s hard to express our individual personality when the lipsticks we see are all the same. I’ve seen lips of many shades of red, yet blues, greens and even oranges are far and few between. What about bronzes, earthy browns, silvers and golds?

Reducing Thick and Heavy Hair

People with curly hair want straight hair. People with straight hair yearn for some bounce and curl. People with thin hair wish it was fuller, thicker. And, of-course, those who have an abundance of thick hair, long for lighter, thinner hair. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence it seems.

Heat Free Paper Curls

Original article Everything old is new again. When my mother was a child, her mother used rags or strips of paper to curl her hair. These days, with the trend towards protecting our hair and looking for gentle and natural styling solutions, paper curls have made a big comeback.

3 Reasons To Wear Nail Polish And Sophisticated Nail Art

The act of getting one’s nails polished and painted is one that makes a woman feel good about herself and adds to her poise and confidence in a number of situations. While it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind and forget to pamper oneself, you do so at your own risk.

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