Finding, Buying and Using Perfume Testers: A Complete Guide

Perfume is one of life’s true treasures, with the ability to lift you onto another plane of being and transport you to other worlds, other times, other states of mind. However, the price of the magical fluid often doesn’t allow for wanton purchase of many different scents! You may have heard of perfume testers as a cheat’s way of building up a perfume collection at a bargain basement price. Today we check out the ups and downs of purchasing perfume testers.

How to Keep Women’s Make Up Tools Clean

Make-up tools are as important as the make-up products themselves. That is why your make-up brushes have to be cleaned regularly, in order to give you a better make-up application, and to help you avoid the bacteria that may damage your skin.

Eyeshadow Tips

Do you love eye make up? Are you an eyeshadow fan? If so then you’d better read this article as this will help you apply your eyeshadow more effectively.

How to Make Your Hair Shine

You have probably heard of this millions of times, “Your hair is your crowning glory.” It’s true. No matter how good your face looks, if your hair is a mess then you will never be truly beautiful. Hair plays a big factor in your over-all look.

French Nails – Different Ways on Wearing It

Women, without a doubt, can be so vain about the way they look that is why they have a regular appointment at salons and spas. They make sure that every part of their body is well taken care of, even their nails. Some women frequently visit a nail spa just to ensure that they get their French nails maintained.

How to Look Great by Spending Less

Tips on how to look good without spending too much money. This can be useful to women on a tight budget.

How to Grow Black Hair Long and Fast

Having healthy long hair is quite easy to achieve, as long as you know the secrets to longer, faster hair growth by someone who has already achieved it. Follow these tips for hair that grows longer, healthier and faster.

Fish Pedicure Safety Called Into Question

It’s the latest in pampering… a fish pedicure – dunking your feet into a warm water filled tank of Garra Rufa (a toothless carp) fish that eat away dead skin cells. They’re very meticulous and don’t miss a thing, and leave the skin of the feet (or hands) amazingly soft. Experts are checking into the safety of these unconventional procedures after worries that this bit of pampering might spread infection.

Losing Your Eyelashes? Here Are 3 Quick Fire Tips To Help You Regrow Your Lashes

Whether you have lost your eyelashes due to improper treatment, irritation leading you to constantly rub or through illnesses such as cancer or alopecia, regrowing your eyelashes can prove a hard task. After searching the internet for hours upon hours I’m sure it feels like you want to just give up but here we’ll provide you with 3 quick fire tips to help you regrow your eyelashes.

Indian Remy Hair – Get the Best Quality Hair for You

It is essential for you to take care of the quality of your hair in every single way. With this, you will be able to go on with your life in the most effective way.

How to Fill in Eyebrows

A person’s eye is one of the important focal points in a face and while applying makeup, most women will highlight her eyes the most. One important part of eye makeup, or to put broadly, a part of any daily makeup that is often forgotten or overlooked is the eyebrow makeup. But as makeup expert Bobbi Brown, in his book “Beauty Rules” points out, your eyebrows need to be filled in if you want your look to be picture perfect.

10 Tips For Reducing Wrinkles!

Learn how you can reduce wrinkles and make significant changes in your skin. By following these 10 tips you can get smoother, more even, and wrinkle free skin.

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