Does Retinol Exfoliate Your Skin? Cause Depression? Retinoid Myths with a Dermatologist @Doctorly

Techniques In Taking Good Care Of Nails While Using Acrylic Nails

Modern nail art has become the craze and practically all the women throughout the world absolutely adore the modern look of their hands. Nail art has in fact made them look more gorgeous as well as boost their self-confidence especially Acrylic nails. Practically nothing has been over heard being a disadvantage of this however quite a few medical experts have found out several serious problems it could possibly bring to our beloved nails.

Specialized Hair Products For Special Hair

There are different kinds of hair. If your hair is especially thick, thin, or curly, you may find that there are specialized hair products to make your hair more manageable.

Waxing As Hair Removal Method – Tips to Remove Unwanted Pubic Hair

Because both men and women want to remove unwanted hair, pubic hair removal is now the concern of everybody. Thus, there are a lot of people are searching for the best method to remove pubic hair. In this case, waxing is one of the best options.

Some Info About Body Waxing And Other Treatments

Waxing is a method that has been used for years to get rid of unwanted body hair. People wax their arms, legs, eyebrows, bikini area, pretty much anywhere where you don’t want hair. The two main pros t this is that it’s cost effective and it works. It’s a method used not only by women, but by mens as well. It’s even utilized by athletes like swimmers and runners to improve performance.

Dull Hair: A Major Beauty Problem

By definition, beauty is known to be a characteristic of a person, thing, idea or animal that is exceptional. However, most of us see beauty as the appearance of a person which is actually right. Beauty has a lot of definition and those that we see on a person especially on a woman is the most common and simple definition. Many women suffer from several beauty problems because such problems are normal and sometimes unavoidable. But among all the beauty problems that you can think of, having a dull hair can be one the worst.

New Techniques in Cosmetic Surgery

Transconjunctival lower eyelid blepharoplasty is a type of blepharoplasty eyelid surgery that many are following to reduce ageing on eye. This surgical method mainly uses to remove the fatty muscles and wrinkled skin from area around your eye.

Should Teens Use Laser Treatment As Their Hair Remover Of Choice? Is It Safe?

A young girl who lacks self confidence because of hair on her arms, legs, and even face will naturally turn an eye towards a hair remover. Over the counter hair remover products are cheap and easy to find, but the problem is the side effects they can cause. Furthermore, some of these facial hair removal and body hair removal products contain ingredients that may be too harsh for a teenager’s skin.

Products For Permanent Hair Removal From Home

The practice of hair removal has been going on for centuries all over the world. The practice was always known to be linked to cultural, social and religion too. Today practicing this is a way to help beautify a person and has become the most popular ways to achieve this idea. Here is a permanent hair removal from home method that is becoming quite popular.

Do Skin Bleaching Creams Really Work?

There has been a sharp increase in the number of people that are complaining about various skin pigmentation issues in the past decade. The reason for that is not necessarily that more people are suffering from it, but the fact that more people feel OK to talk about it now. If you are one of those people you should try to find out what is causing this problem and try to prevent it.

Choosing The Right Hair Style

A haircut that looks great on someone else may not look great on you. That’s because everyone has a different face shape, which needs to be taken into account when choosing a style.

Make Eyelashes Grow – 5 Mistakes That Kill Eyelash Growth

If you really want to make your eyelashes grow, you first need to take care of them. These are the 5 most common mistakes that cause eyelashes to fall out.

Vitamins That Help Eyelashes Grow

Which vitamins are best for eyelash growth and why? Get the answer and other fascinating facts here.

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