Emorett’s First Slumber Party!

– Alright. Good morning from Nashville. Emorett just woke up, Are we having a sleepover
party for couple of nights? We're gonna host
a bunch of your friends, Your cousins, yeah? We're not happy right now, But we will get happier, we promise. Yeah, we just gotta fully
wake up, re-energize, And then we'll be off to a great day! It's a very rainy day today, guys. (children chattering) – [Andrey] Oh boy, who do we have here? We have the party showing up. (children chattering) – [Milana] They got their
Paw Patrol doggies, yeah. – [Andrey] Emorett, is the
party getting started? – This is his first slumber party. Are we going to the party room? – [Emorett] I'm tryna find boys. – [Andrey] Try to find boys, okay. Let's go try to find them. Where did they go, huh? Where are they? – Some are over there! – Is this the party room? This is kind of a lame party here. – Huh? (Andrey laughs) – Everybody's so quiet. Uh oh, We are starting to run around. (children yelling) The party's getting started, huh? Are we're getting ready
to go to go to the park.

– Yeah. Get the kids out of the house. – Oh, yeah. – And it's nice outside. – [Andrey] Emorett,
are you ready for park? – Yeah. – [Andrey] Oh man, you
gotta wipe your nose, bro. – Outside parks, right? – [Andrey] You guys are all so excited. He's like, there's Levi back there! And there's Elodie too. – [Eddie] Elodie is
ready to go to the park. – [Andrey] Elodie, are you ready also? Everybody excited, alright. You guys have fun. I'm gonna go do some work While the kids go have some fun. I get some peace and quiet. – [Milana] Three, two, one, Go! Yay! Three, two, one, Go! – Whoa! We held hands! – [Milana] Come on, Levi! Woo! (laughs) (Elodie coos) (xylophone playing) (Milana chuckles) – Alright, we're going together. Hold on, hold on! Ready? 3, 2, 1! Wahhh! (Milana laughs) High-five!

Yeah, that was good. (Milana giggling) Look at you! – Can you push me? – Yeah, I can push you. Whoa! (Laughs) Okay, ready? Whoa, (laughs) Alright, pick up your legs a little higher. There ya go! – Woohoo! (Milana laughs) – You're like a jet? – Yeah We are back home from the park. Now we're gonna make some dinner. We're gonna make like sticky chicken With Broccoli and rice. So healthy and delicious. Hopefully the kids eat it.
(snickers) – [Andrey] Why you coming towards me, huh? You wanna gimme a hug? Oh, come here. Oh, my little man. Are you enjoying yourself? – Yes. – Yeah? What are you guys watching? – Oh, watching the Paw Patrol – You're watching Paw Patrol? Oh boy! Let's go see what are you
guys watching over there. Boy, everybody's in on this. In on this movie, huh? You gonna watch movies all night long? You guys gonna, we'll see how
long you guys stay up, huh? Are you guys ready for
a hot tub today also? – [Children] Yeah.

So, we're turning the hot tub on. We're gonna have lots of fun. We're gonna splash, we're
gonna throw the ball. We're gonna bump the music. Alright Emorett, what color
should the globes be today? – [Emorett] Green. – Green? Okay. Let's turn it green. Alright, so we have green. Look at, look at the green color, buddy. So do you want that one? Or Purple? You like the purple? Blue? Oh, he wants the purple blue. I guess we're gonna stick to this color. We're ready. I almost missed this. It smells so good. So we got some chicken and rice, mmmm. Orange chicken. What do we think of the food guys? – Good. It was really good. – [Andrey] Really good. I guess we'll see how much of it they eat. That's really the test. Emorett, is the food yummy? No? – Oh boy, We got some hot chocolates. – [Levi] I want that one to be mine. – [Milana] Yes, buddy you'll get some. – [Andrey] We got a whole bunch of Hot chocolate experts right here.

Know exactly how it needs to be made – [Milana] Do you like it? – Yeah! – [Milana] The first time
he got hot chocolate. – [Milana] Remember when
we ordered one for him, And he didn't really have it?
He didn't like it. He didn't like the hot chocolate? – [Andrey] Alright, guys. Are you guys ready for some hot tub? – [Kids] Yeah! Who's liking the hot tub so far? – [Kids] Me! – Emorett, watch this! – [Andrey] Wow, look at that kid go. (Andrey laughs) Alright guys, do we want some beats? – [Kid] What? – [Andrey] Some beats? (beatboxes) – [Kid] Like music? – [Andrey] Yeah. – [Kids] Yeah! Do it! – [Andrey] Okay, we lost a ball, so The kids decided to go in the cold water. – Emorett, is that your outfit after the, After the hot tub, yeah? Emorett. Emorett. Wow. You know what, Emorett, we
got this moment forever. I'm gonna show this to you
when you're a grownup kid. What kinda little bunny you were. The cutest bunny ever. Talking about cutest bunny little ever. Look at this one.

Oh, hi. Hi, my little princess. Look at you go. Oh, boy, boy, boy, boy. You are just a four by four. (laughs) Hi. Hi. I love you. Elodie. Okay, you go, you go do you. Okay. We're ready for movie now. – Movie night! – [Andrey] Movie, guys?
Ready for the movie? What are we doing? (children chattering) We're doing all nighter, right? We're gonna start with Home Alone One. Then Home Alone Two. Then Home Alone, Is there a third one?
– [Milana] Yes, there is. – [Andrey] Home Alone Three. Is there a fourth one?
– [Milana] I don't think so. (laughter) (laughter) – What? (kid laughing) [Andrey] One kid down.

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