Everyday Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial Featuring My Friend’s Makeup Line” #makeuptutorial

In this blog post, they will feature an everyday soft glam makeup tutorial showcasing their friend’s makeup line. #makeuptutorial.


In the realm of makeup tutorials, TheMakeupChair has carved out a cozy niche for herself with her signature style that blends effortless glam with relatable techniques. She brings a refreshing approach to the beauty community, focusing on enhancing natural beauty rather than masking it. In her latest video titled “Everyday Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial Featuring My Friend’s Makeup Line,” she takes her viewers on a journey through a soft and wearable makeup look using UP Cosmetics products. Let’s dive into the details!

Creating a Flawless Base

TheMakeupChair kicks off her tutorial by prepping her skin with a sheer layer foundation or BB cream. This lightweight base evens out her complexion without feeling heavy or mask-like.

Eyes That Mesmerize

She applies cream to powder eyeshadow directly on her lids, effortlessly blending the hues to create a soft, gradient effect. TheMakeupChair skillfully shapes and contours her eyes with a sculpting product, enhancing their natural beauty.

Highlighting Like a Pro

Adding a touch of face highlighter to the inner corners of her eyes, she brightens up her gaze and adds a subtle sparkle that draws attention to her eyes.

Luscious Lashes and Chiseled Cheeks

To amp up the drama, TheMakeupChair recommends UP Cosmetics mascara for length and volume. She carefully applies the mascara, coating each lash to perfection. Moving on to her face, she uses the sculpting product to define her cheeks, jawline, and hairline, creating a chiseled and structured look.

Rosy Cheeks and Pouty Lips

Using creamy blushes on her cheeks and eyes, TheMakeupChair adds a flush of color that complements her skin tone beautifully. She finishes off the look with a swipe of lipstick, completing the soft glam transformation.


In her “Everyday Soft Glam Makeup Tutorial Featuring My Friend’s Makeup Line” video, TheMakeupChair once again showcases her expertise in creating wearable and accessible beauty looks. By incorporating UP Cosmetics products into her routine, she demonstrates how quality makeup can elevate a look while keeping it simple and elegant.


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