EVERYTHING I HAULED IN JULY 2018 // Haul Revisited | Where are they now?

Be Astounded By Pedicure Spa

A lot of women from all over the world take pride in their appearance. They want to look their best in front of a crowd of people. Looking good feels great and there are many unique places to enhance your features.

Grow Eyelashes – Grow Longer Thicker Eyelashes In Weeks

Which eyelash growth method is the best for longer thicker eyelashes? Use serums or extensions to get those long eyelashes women crave for. Read more…

Ingredients To Look Out For To Make Recipes For Face Masks

Facts about different ingredients like eggs, honey and bananas to enhance the natural beauty of your skin. Having knowledge about these ingredients and what makes them great recipes for facial masks will help you understand better why making your own organic beauty product is best for you.

How To Bleach Hair

Blondes have more fun and maybe that’s why you want to learn how to bleach hair. Well, that’s really not a sure thing -the having more fun part anyway- but maybe you want to walk around blonde for a while. I’ve been wanting to bleach my hair blonde for the longest time anyway.

How to Choose a Good Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

These days, everyone wishes to look more beautiful & younger. There are many methods to beautify and enhance beauty and youth, including Makeup, Yoga and gym sessions and of course a good diet. An increasingly popular method these days is Cosmetic Surgery!

Why Is Obagi Skincare So Popular With Cosmetic Surgeons?

Obagi skincare is a line of products created by a skin care doctor, Dr. Zeine Obagi. His innovative products have become a very popular choice among those trying to improve their overall appearance, as well as among cosmetic surgeons.

Hempz Herbal Body Lotions Review

There is no denying to the importance of lotions for skin care. Hempz Lotions were able to acquire a place in the market that most of the other skin care companies can only wish for.

Tips on Choosing an Eyelash Growth Product

Beauty products will never be out of business, as the need for these products has a big market. People have spent a lot of money and are willing to spend more to buy items that will enhance their looks.

Hair Styles for Mid Length Hair

One of the most versatile hairstyle lengths is the mid length. The hair falls just at or below the shoulder. The mid length cut can have layers added throughout for a style that has movement. Fringe or sideswept bangs are also a great addition to any mid length hair style. Some of the more popular styling options include the partial up do, ponytail up do, all over wavy and all over straight styles.

The Many Wonders of Honey in Beauty Regime: Your Natural Beauty With Honey Masks

The benefits of using honey in your homemade facial masks in order to enhance the beauty of your skin. The values of honey in making your own beauty products is emphasized in this article. Get this info and some honey masks recipes that will treat and enhance your beauty naturally.

Do Your Homework Before Purchasing An Anti Wrinkle Cream

Everyone wants to retain their youthful look and have that radiant smooth skin that reminds us of our youth. However finding the right one is a hard decision for many women. There are so many products on the market that it is hard to determine that which one is good for you, In this articles we provide you some tools to chose the correct anti aging skin care products for your skin type.

How to Avoid the Carnival Mirror Look

Carnival mirrors distort. They make us look fat or skinny. They also make us look a bit weird. But what if you did want to look a bit fuller? Or thinner? Or shorter? Could your choice of clothes enable you to create a “different looking you?” Could you create a visual illusion that suits your body type? And, could you do it without the “weird carnival mirror” look? The answer is to create your own visual illusion through color and line.

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