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– We are nine months today. – (Andrey gasps) – You. Yes you are. – Nine months. – You are covered in cracker. [Both exclaim] – We are moving And wiggling. – Mhm. – So the big thing this month is She rolls around everywhere. – That’s her way of transportation. Instead of crawling or scooting, Couple minutes You’re like, Where is she? Oh, she’s over there somewhere. Underneath the chair. Underneath the table. She literally just rolls her way there. – So yeah, let’s get from the start. Let’s do the weight the… – Her weight, you
measured her this morning. She is around 18 pounds. So gained, What, a pound? A little over a pound. She didn’t really grow This month in terms Of her height. She’s close to last month. 28 and a half inches. – Which is plus or minus. – Mhm. – Depends how we measure.

– It’s a little tough to measure little kiddos. You got cracker everywhere, huh? – So good. [Elodie babbles] – Yeah. Next biggest thing, She got her fifth tooth. – Oh, boy. Sixth one is cutting through. – Yeah. – I tried to get a video Of her top fifth tooth And she was just not letting me. Happened in the past what, week? – That she got it. So, this past month She’s really growing to love food. She is trying all different textures, Different cuisines, Feeding herself Or we’re feeding her. She loves being fed by grandma. Whatever Emorett eats, She needs to eat it, She needs to try it. – And the worst thing
is when she’s teething And she can’t eat, She gets- – So upset. – She gets upset. – So upset. – She wants to eat it, But it just hurts. – Yeah.

And she’d bite it, Like she wants to bite it, And goes in the mouth And then throws it out and just cries. – So when she’s crying like that, We give her more softer foods. More like soft rice, Potatoes, Nothing that she really has to chew through So she enjoys that. She’s been really liking that. And then also little baby food pouches. She likes the banana and oats What else does she like? She likes the apple And blueberry one. That one’s really yummy. She really enjoys those. And I got this little stopper at the top So that way she doesn’t Squeeze it out on herself. – Oh yeah. – One of the best inventions ever. But the thing is, You have to make sure it Actually closes all the way down Because we did have an accident. I didn’t push it all the way down And she squeezed it all out. – You can still squeeze it out If you put in enough force, As she figured out. – Yes. It’s not as bad. That’s what I’m saying.

It’s not as bad as without the stopper. – Yeah. – So yes, This month she’s really loving food, But on the other hand, She’s not nursing as much during the day Which is making me very sad. Because with Emorett, We lasted up until 10, 11 months. And then he also himself was like, ”Alright, I’m eating enough solids for the day” ”Mom, I’ll see you at night.” [Milana laughs] And that’s what she’s doing. – Is that what you’re doing? Yes, you are. Yes, you are. She’s so playful. – So playful. – She’s so playful. – Yes, yes you are. – With everyone. Just give her attention And she’ll be ”goo”ing And ”gah”ing And laughing with you. – Is mommy’s hair tickling you? [Milana laughs] – Yeah. – She’s definitely is a fun, fun girl. – Yeah. Her personality is really coming Through this month. Is it? [Milana Laughs] – What’s happening?

Should mommy move her hair? Let’s do it. Even though she likes it. [Milana Chuckles] – That’s better. Her personality is coming
through this month. She’s so funny. The way she plays peekaboo with you, You kind of hide And then she literally
just stretches so far Just to find you And see where you’re going. [Andrey Laughs] – ”Where’d you go?” – Mhm. – ”Where are you?” – And sometimes she just starts screaming Out of nowhere Because something is So funny to her. [Milana] – Elodie, what are you doin’? (Elodie yells) – Wow! Emorett, They’re still obsessed with each other. – I just- – Mhm. – Every month goes by And you can just see their relationship And their friendship growing. – Oh yeah. – It’s incredible. Like this month, She just-

[Elodie Whines] – You wanna grab mommy’s hair? It’s okay. Here, you can hold my hand. You wanna hold my finger? You wanna grab my hair? Yep. That’s what’s more interesting, Isn’t it? But their friendship is
just getting stronger And they’re just getting So funny with each other. And every morning they
have to find each other. When she sees Emorett, Biggest smile in the world, giggles And she starts like jumping in her seat Or wherever she is. – Or she starts screaming. (Mimics Elodie) – It’s the best thing in the world. – As if they haven’t seen each other For ages. – Yeah? – I mean, those eight hours, Nine hours of not seeing
each other at night. Mm. It’s good stuff, Isn’t it? In the morning when you see each other? Yeah? Yes, it is. Yeah, and she’s getting more And more people that
she gets excited about. – Mhm.

– Like she’s getting excited about grandma When she’s like- Today even like. When she saw her she was like- [Gasps] ”Grandma!” – Yeah. – Her familiar people. She’s very happy when she sees them, If she hasn’t seen them In like five minutes. [Milana Giggles] – And the next biggest thing is- She’s not crawling yet, But she is trying To get on her fours And trying to roll herself. Like kind of, She rocks herself back
and forth on her fours. And she, When she rolls over, She can kind of get back On her fours. So that’s really good. But I am honestly happy And excited for all of us That she’s not crawling just yet. It kind of gives us a little bit more time To prep the house For when she will be crawling. But I think this month Or even the next month That she’ll be flying. Scooting away from Emorett

Or towards Emorett. Huh, you’re gonna be
playing catch with him. We’re gonna be playing catch. – Yes. Yes we are! Here you go. No, you don’t know what you want? [Milana Giggles] You don’t know what you want. – And this is another thing. She needs to have it her way, And I think Emorett was the same way. He knew what he wanted. And just like her, she’s like, ”All right guys, entertain me. Do something. This is boring. Just sitting here.” – ”Where’s all my toys?” – Yeah. She wants her toys. She plays very well at the gym daycare, She’ll be sitting there On the floor with all her toys. We come back And she’s still sitting
there playful as ever. Not bothered. – I feel like a lot of people
told us this month that When she sits on the floor
with her toys, she’s good. She’s content. She’s happy. – Yeah, an hour, Max two hours, And then she’ll be like, ”Okay, I’m done. ” Yeah, she’ll roll around,

Get back on her fours, Play some more. Roll around, do her thing. Then she’s like, ”All right guys, someone give me some snacks” ”Feed me,” ”Play with me.” – But she’s very good. She’s a content little happy baby. Yeah, is it good stuff? And the way, When you talk to her. Ugh, the way she just listens to you, And looks into your eyes. – And she’s starting to like, Repeat after people. Not like words, But like, A lot of times when we talk She’d be like, [Babbles] Like tries to- – As if she’s having a conversation? – Yeah. – Tries to talk with us or talk over us. (Elodie babbling) [Milana] -Hi! What’s up? (Milana giggles) – Yeah. You got a little booger. – Mommy, stop that. You’re embarrassing me. [Milana Laughs] – Mama got you girlfriend. I got you. I’ll always tell you if there’s something on your face.

So along with feeding herself And we’re feeding her, She’s also now drinking from a straw. This was the same month Emorett started as well. – So I pretty much did the same method With Emorett. Just took the straw, Kind of put water on the bottom. I’m holding the top, And just kind of bring The straw to her mouth And see what she does with it. And that’s what they did. They both sucked it out And then we kind Of did it several times For like half a day. And then we’d give her the straw From the top To see what she would do, And she’s a pro. Obviously there’s still a lot Of it comes out, But she’s drinking really well. – And I bought her a little sippy cup That’s supposed to be leak proof And she’s doing really well with that Because the straw itself is rubber And she can bite on it, which is great For when they’re teething. So it’s a teething toy And a straw to drink out of, right? You love water? Yeah, she does. She drinks a lot of water.

Are you just listening to me? – Mhm. [Milana Laughs] – But that’s, I think that’s a really fun milestone When they get to do that, Or just drink out of a cup Or whatever else. They’re growing up, you know? That’s kind of the next stage of, ”Wow, you’re… You can take care of yourself in a way.” – Yeah, it’s like she’s ready. – She’s ready to eat by herself. – She’s ready for solid food. She’s ready to drink. – Yeah. She’s still nursing really well at night. We’re finally starting To sleep more at night as well. We’re getting like four
hour stretches instead Of two to three. There are some days this past week Like when she’s really teething And the tooth is actually cutting through. Like the second one
now is cutting through, So right now we’re kind
of back to like the two, Three hour mark, But she’s not as fussy anymore As she was this past, Like this past month, 8th month, That was…(takes a deep breath) Hooo! Seven, eight months For us was rough

Because of the teeth. But this one is kind of good. Yeah. We’re understanding. Yeah. – It’s gonna go away. – No, we’re doing good. Exactly. We’re doing great. The next thing is, We’re down to two naps a day, officially. One in the morning And one in afternoon. The afternoon nap is nice and long. It’s usually like two, Two and a half hours, Which is great. Which is phenomenal. Yes. And she loves nap time And she actually goes down
pretty well sometimes. I’ll hold her, nurse her, Put her down And sometimes she doesn’t
even wanna be nursed. She’ll just go down with grandma, Which is great. Kind of give her, you know Best of both worlds. Also, I don’t know if I mentioned it last time, Like Emorett around this time, She knows what it means to go in a seat And she’s like, ”Nope, nope, nope.” – The car seat. ”I don’t wanna be in it. I know what this means. I have to sit still.”

She’s starting to like, You know, Complain to us about it. – Mhm. [Mimics Baby Noises] – Every time. – But then the car seat starts moving And she’s happy And she’s okay Because she knows what that means. We’re going somewhere. We’re gonna go on a little, A little field trip. Yeah, a little field trip. There is one thing that
she’s doing this month. We’re hoping it’s going to stop soon. Her little pinching. – The pinching began
just like Emorett did. – I wonder if it’s just a baby thing. It’s that sensation of, – Like this. – I don’t know what it is. – Like with the nail. – And then she likes to
roll it back and forth. It’s painful. It’s painful. And I have to cut her nails more Because of that. You wanna come to me? You wanna play with mommy’s hat? Wanna play with my hat? – Yeah. [Lips Trilling] [Baby Noises]

– Yeah. And she likes her walks. Like, you know If she gets fussy like this, Usually I’ll go walk around with her For about 15 minutes And she’ll calm down. She’ll be like, ”Okay, I’m good.” And then you can sit her down And she can play again. – But I think her
favorite place is outside. Just like Emorett, She loves being outdoors Listening to the birds sing, Oh, nope, nope, nope, nope. Let’s not eat mommy’s hair. It’s not good for you. There’s stuff in there. There’s product in there. I don’t think you’ll like it. [Milana Laughs] Or maybe you will. See what she’s doing, How she throws herself back? That means she’s done And she’s annoyed And she wants to go on a walk. – Let’s go on a walk. [Playful Noises] – Yeah. [Milana Laughs] – ”Play with me, Mama” ”Throw me. Love me.” – Is that funny?

[Elodie Laughs] Yeah, she loves being tossed around, played with. [Elodie Laughs] – She gets super excited. – Hi! Peekaboo Peekaboo! [Milana Laughs] You are so precious. Yeah, but this month has been busy? Like work wise And just kid wise, but [Elodie Cries] Here, here you go. (Elodie babbles) She wants her nap. – That’s her nap little- (makes baby sounds) – This past month has been great Because her character’s getting more Developed And it’s just been So fun seeing how she’s growing. I was telling my mother-in-law yesterday That I’m like, ”does Elodie look different to you? Her face looks more grown
up since last week.” I don’t know what it is, just She’s just growing so fast And just maturing right In front of our eyes. – Mhm. – But I’m excited. It’s been a great nine months. It’s been the best nine months with you. – Mhm. – So good.

– So fun, so feisty, [Elodie Babbles] She says, ”Yeah Mom, it’s been great.” Yeah? Let’s go take a nap And go play with Emorett? After we’re done napping? Let’s go? Let’s do it, yeah she’s winding down. All right you guys, We’re gonna leave it here. – Thank you for watching, Spending time with us And we’ll see you in the next one. – Bye! – Can you say bye? Bye. We’ll see you later. Muah! – Let’s go.

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