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The Aesthetics and Business of Beauty School

The aesthetics and business of beauty school lies in the program that the potential professional chooses. He or she can focus on whichever aspects of hair care, nail care or skin care and makeup application that they would like but some programs prepare the men and women to contribute to the business of the salon so they are well-rounded.

Top 4 Massage Therapies

You have been working real hard for the past month, it has just been work, work and some more work, your mind and body are both giving away and you need something to calm them down. What you really need is a break. A vacation to a far away land, where there are no vehicles honking the streets down, no work to do, no deadlines to meet; doesn’t it sound like a very tempting idea?

Six Radical Ways to Completely Change Your Look

Most of us change our appearance over time whether it’s a result of just growing older, or some new aspect of our morning routine. While many of us will try different looks though, mostly these alterations to our appearance are things that our closest friends don’t even notice. Unfortunately for people who see us every day these small incremental changes aren’t really enough to generate any real excitement so most people won’t make much comment.

Luscious La Femme Eye Lash Extensions Are Lovely!

Lash extensions have become very fashionable recently and for good reason. The semi permanent lashes that are now used are very natural looking, look fantastic and won’t fall off at an embarrassing moments. So what happens when you have eye lash extensions?

Determine Your Type for Sensitive Skin Care

Sensitive Skin has special needs due to the variety of problems associated with it. Understanding your particular sensitive skin care requirements, is the first step towards resolving any skin problems. This article will help you learn about important ways you can help prevent and manage your sensitive skin challenges.

Summer Hair Care for Your Child

Ah, the hot summers are finally here. That means no school, great weather, and lots and lots of fun and games for children. But not for the parents. Come summer, and children usually tend to get dirty, soggy and smelly by the end of the day playing themselves out in the sun or at summer camps. If you are going to the beach or teaching your child to swim in the summer, you have dry brittle chlorine affected hair to deal with as well! But not to worry, there are ways by which you can set up a summer hair care routine for your child which will ensure healthy hair and a clean scalp.

Easy Ways to Care For Your Child’s Hair

Whether you have a boy or a girl, taking care of their hair is very important. Nice clean healthy hair makes your child look healthy and well-cared for but children are naturally messy. There is a very good chance that your child comes home from school with the dirt and grit (along with a few parasites) of the entire world on his shoulders. So what do you do?

Winter Afro Hair Care

Tips on caring for Afro and African American hair during the winter months. Keep your hair healthy and moisturised during the cold weather.

Miraculous Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh oil is derived from oleoresin – gum of a small tree that has beautiful white blossoms and extracted by the complex process of steam distillation. This organic essential oil is called Commiphora myrrha botanically which is native to Yemen and Arabia.

Pomegranate Essential Oil – A Natural Bliss

Pomegranate essential oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit Pomegranate through the process of cold pressing. It is originated from the parts of Asia, Africa and Europe and it is extensively grown in the hilly regions due to the apt moderate climatic conditions.

Chaulmoogra Essential Oil and Its Magical Benefits

Chaulmoogra essential oil is derived from the seeds of the plant through the complex process of steam distillation. The entire method of oil extraction is done through the traditional process in order to keep intact the purity and quality standards of the essential oil.

Make Your Locks Ultra-Lustrous With These Home Remedies for Shiny Hair!

If you’ve had one too many bad hair days, you may not necessarily be doing what you have to do in maintaining healthy, shiny locks. It may be a clichรฉ but the hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Although you can always cover bad hair with a bonnet, a hat or simply put it all up in a bun – it still pays to exert some effort into having hair that gleams with health and shine.

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