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Does Olive Oil Make Your Hair Grow?

Many people admire a head full of shiny, moisture-rich and thick hair. However when years go by, hair loss happens. If we suffer some illness and take medication, those changes accelerate hair loss.

How Much Does Your Hair Grow In a Month?

On average, hair grows 1/2 inch per month and 6 inches per year. Normally men’s hair grows at a slightly faster rate than women’s at 6-7 inches per year. It grows faster in the summer than in the winter because it growth requires a warm temperature.

How To Work Out Your Skin Type

Oily, dry, combination – how do you know? Knowing your skin type means you can work out how to treat your skin, know what cosmetics to use and how to manage any skin issues that arise.

5 Things You Should Know About Beauty Product Packaging

Every single month a fresh new product launch takes the industry by storm. We have an obsession with skincare items and our cabinets are now spilling with dozens of half used bottoms. We’re always waiting for the next great thing that claims miracles to stock on our shelves.

How To Get Resistant Hair To Take A Perm

The permanent wave, or perm, as it has come to be known, has grown and developed over the years, from being a procedure that was extremely risky on your hair, to a much more easy to deal with process. This is the evolution of hairstyles. The perm is done in two stages, the actual wrapping of the hair, and then the chemicals that break disulfide bonds in the hair so that it softens it. Even though it has evolved over the years, the perm is still harsh on the hair – no getting around it. The most important thing is to know what your hair type is, because the protein chains get broken and then the hair expands and stretches as it takes shape.

Which Lasts Longer – Hair Color Or Hair Foils?

Hair Foil highlights require the same product to be used as for any of the other hair color methods; the only difference is the technique. The various techniques that are used with highlighting give slightly different looks. To begin with, you have to ensure that your hair is in the proper condition to receive coloring. Otherwise, the results are not going to be that good. In addition, if you are coloring damaged hair you are only going to make the problem worse. So start with a good hair washing using superior quality products.

Best Self Tanner for Darker Skin Complexions: Turn Heads

You don’t have to visit Hawaii just to get tanned. The incredible range of best self-tanner for Asian skin tone has been formulated while keeping your needs in mind.

Getting The Best Make Up – Affordably!

When it comes to the quality and the product used for makeup, women seldom want to make compromises. Among the best brands are Mac, Revlon, Estee Lauder and L’Oreal cosmetics.

Cheap and Classy Cosmetics – Now Possible

Revlon, Mac, Maybelline, Neutrogena and L’Oreal cosmetics are some brands that women dream of having on their dressing tables. These brands offer the best color palettes, shades and of course, results.

Buying Discount Cosmetics – Keep Your Guards Up And Find the Best Deal

They say beauty is not skin deep; it is something that comes from within. If women all over the world believed in parody, all beauty brands in the world would have shut shop and begun manufacturing meditation charms to stimulate that inner beauty.

Six Steps To Longer Hair

Are you unhappy with your dry or damaged hair? You can attain beautiful, long hair by making a few lifestyle changes. Start by following these six steps to longer hair.

Hair Treatment – Try Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin is getting increasingly prevalent these days as a fundamental part for diverse hair management medications. Being a characteristic protein, it trumps the majority of the alternate chemicals over there that pledges to assist your hair develop stronger, more excellent, and healthier. A keratin hair medication goes in diverse shapes recently, incorporating hair straightening and hair smoothing.

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