How I became JEFFREE STAR !!!

Cosmetic Procedures and Botox Injections

You have to talk to your doctor before having Botox Cosmetic injections. Your doctor must be fully aware of any medical condition you have, especially if you have any nerve or muscle disorders.

Facial Skin Care Tips for Teenage Girls

As your daughter hits puberty and become a teenager, facial skin care becomes a very important factor for them and it can affect their self-esteem. Tweens (12) and young teens (13-15) today, are using makeup more and more. As a mom it is important to reiterate less is more and classy is not trashy.

Four Homemade Facial Masks to Lighten Skin Naturally

Sometimes brown spots or blemishes can appear on our faces out of nowhere. Although it might feel like you’re too young to have “age spots” these spots could be due to the effects of the sun over time. Use these four homemade facial mask recipes made from natural ingredients to lighten and tighten the skin and restore a natural youthful glow.

Wrinkle Reduction With Radiesse

Radiesse is a popular volume increasing filler product used for cosmetic purposes across the country, including Brooklyn. If you would like to know more about Radiesse, its administration procedure and other crucial information, then read on.

VI Peel Treatments – Reviews, Results and Benefits, Cost

The VI peel treatment is a new generation that will not harm your skin and is recommended to be done 2-4 times a year. Do your research before deciding on a particular clinic and talk to your health care provider if you have any questions or concerns before getting treatment.

Taking Care of Your Lace Front Wig

Many women consider a lace front wig as a good beauty investment because it is the easiest and most fashionable way to achieve beautiful hair. But to get your money’s worth, you have to take proper care of it so you can enjoy your lace wig for a long time.

Lipstick Buying Guide and Application Tips

Lipsticks are the most simple and easiest makeup to apply. They are the best quick fix cosmetics you can easily carry and use anytime and anywhere.

Waxing Versus Sugaring for Male Grooming Treatments

Men remove body hair for a variety of reasons. One is to improve their appearance. Women often do not like hairy men especially if a thick mane grows out of the chest or the back. Hairs coming out of the nostrils or a bushy monobrow are also very unattractive to look at. For men who are into sports such as swimming, getting pubic hair removed is almost a must since they look unsightly with Speedos and swimming trunks. Some men remove underarm hair for better grooming and to prevent body odour.

Grow Taller Naturally: Useful Checklist To Evaluate A Height Gain Program

Finding the right height gain program to grow taller naturally can be rather difficult. Use this article as a check-list before you invest your time and money into such a height gain program.

5 Valentine’s Day Hairstyles to Bring on the Romance

Not sure what to do with your hair for Valentine’s Day? This article suggests five romantic hairstyles to consider for the big night.

BaByliss PRO Blow Dryers Review

With so many choices in hair styling tools, professional stylists still frequently choose BaByliss products to use in their salons. BaByliss is a leading salon brand and is sold to professionals in the hair industry across the world.

Aussie Hair Care Products

Aussie hair care products come in a great variety, serving every hair type. Choosing the right one, depends on which product is right for your unique hair. For years, we ladies have been subjecting our hair to a whole assortment of unending torture in the form of colors, perms, and straighteners.

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