Bridal Care: On The Big Day!

Finally, your big day is here, since the past six months you have been working hard for a perfect glowing skin, silky hair, smart body and a perfect overall appearance. You have successfully accomplished your goal and finally your wedding day is here. So here are some tips on how you are supposed to have a perfect wedding makeup and make your big day a memorable one for yourself.

Botox Treatment

As Botox treatment came in to picture and grew popular, a lot has been said about it. While some health experts have shown their concern about the hazards of this treatment in a long run, most of the patients are happy and satisfied by the results that they have achieved through it and they vouch for Botox treatment. In this article, we will explore this subject further and try to list the major advantages and disadvantages of this treatment.

Getting Beauty Tips From An Expert Beauty Blog

A beauty blog is one resource that provides expert beauty tips especially to those who are not so into fashion and style. It can contain some of the most sought-after tips on just about everything that has to do with being and feeling gorgeous. If you are among those who need some expert beauty tips, the following points can greatly help you.

Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Permanent Makeup Application

This article describes the do’s and don’ts that you as a client should think about before having a permanent makeup application procedure. From choosing the right permanent makeup artist to asking yourself if you are the right candidate for this type of procedure. Permanent makeup application is a specialized technique of adding pigment to the dermal layer of the skin using a tattoo machine or hand held pen, and should only be done by a professional, who has been certified in the application of permanent cosmetics.

How to Preserve Your Beauty This Summer?

Be prepared, the rogue heat is on his way. Dry skin, wrinkles and sunburn, all these crook weapons will target you. Are you good enough to prepare yourself against these attacks? Plan a routine to overcome these summer fidgets.

How To Prepare For A Chemical Peel

For those who are not used to cosmetic treatment, going for your first chemical peel can be a little daunting. It is important to ask as many questions as possible and give your dermatologist all the necessary information required in order to keep your skin safe and get the most out of the procedure.

How to Do Your Makeup for an Interview – 5 Makeup Tips to Land the Job!

Advice on how to do your makeup for a job interview. Follow these five, simple beauty tips when meeting with a potential employer.

Is Acne A Skin Disease?

If you think of acne as an eruptive skin disease, you are on the right track. Further, if you think of it in scientific terms as a disorder of the sebaceous follicles of your skin, you must be a genius. Acne on your face, neck, and back are not even strange to a lot of folks. Understanding it, how it comes about, and how to deal with it are important if you wish to live the rest of your life happy and contented. Acne can attack just about anyone, but it has a preference for people who are just turning into the puberty phase of their lives.

6 Tips On How To Have Plump Lips Naturally

Have you always wanted to have luscious lips, but don’t know how to go about it? Here are tips that you should follow: Exfoliate This is the process of removing dead skin from the lip surface. For ideal results you should use a lip exfoliator. You should massage the exfoliator into your lips and you will make them smooth. Using the exfoliator will also stimulate the lips increasing blood supply to the surface

3 Styles You Should Let Hair Salons Try on You

If you’re ready to try a new look, hair salons can make a world of difference. Give yourself a boost and see what a professional stylist can do for you.

Chocolate Massage And The Associated Benefits

Chocolate massages are now gaining popularity and come with many health benefits. Chocolate itself can be quite beneficial for skin and helps in maintaining a flawless skin.

Hair Removal Trends Through the Ages

The never-ending debate about how to handle your body hair may be thought of as a modern-day dilemma, but in fact goes all the way back to the dawn of time. Ever since humans have had hair, we’ve been baffled by the best way to manage it. From cavemen all the way through today’s supermodels, here’s a closer look at hair removal trends through the ages.

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