How to paint nails like a PRO💅

Mom wanna know how I paint my nails like A pro here are my top tips apply some Vaseline or nail oil to moisturize your Nails take a wooden stick and push the Cuticle down no need to cut it apply a Base coat to prevent staining When Painting your nails rest your elbows on A table I know it's tempting to do it on The couch but trust me it will end up Well dip the brush in nail polish and Wipe on both sides if there's too much Nail polish on the brush this will Happen not fast always apply a thin Layer of nail polish start in the middle A swipe and add one more swipe on each Side if you need more opacity wait for The layer to dry and add one more coal Remember thin layers are better than one Thick layer I've never been to a nail Salon and I'll probably never go because While wasting a ton of money when I can Get this Perfection at home

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