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Happy Anniversary for Botox Cosmetic for Wrinkle Prevention, Frown Lines and Crows Feet Treatment

Happy Anniversary BOTOX. Botox is just celebrating its ten year anniversary! The FDA approved treatment was discovered ten years ago by an ophthalmologist who wanted to find a treatment for crossed eyes which prior could only be treated with invasive surgery.

Keeping Your Eyelashes Healthy

Out of all of the component parts of a woman’s beauty regime, we often underestimate the time and effort that is required to keep the high standards most women have when it comes to their eyelashes. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your eyelashes healthy.

Eyebrow Waxing 101: Tips for Beginners

Beautiful eyes are one of the most sought after physical attributes, but beautiful eyes depend on more than the qualities of the eyes; they also depend on the shape of the eyebrows. Nature gives everyone different eyebrows, but most people are not blessed with brows of the perfect length, shape, and thickness. To get such brows, people practice eyebrow waxing – a cosmetic procedure that works the same as arm waxing: a strip of wax is applied to the skin, allowed to dry, and then peeled away quickly, removing unwanted hair as it goes.

Chest Wax: The Pros and Cons of Waxing Your Chest

In the Neolithic Age, a woman running her fingers through a man’s chest hair was considered sexy, but today, many women would sooner run their fingers through a spider web than through a man’s body hair. A sign of manliness and too much testosterone simultaneously, a hairy chest is loved by some women and despised by others, but according to Esquire Magazine, most women believe a rug is something you wipe your feet on, not something you wear on your chest. This is one reason why men buy chest wax from sellers of eyebrow waxing products.

Arm Waxing: Five Myths That Are Untrue

Body wax is a popular product for men and women who desire a smoother, muscular looking physique. However, some people avoid arm waxing and eyebrow waxing based on myths about how the products affect the skin. If you would like to have hairless forearms, do not be discouraged by the following myths about body wax, for they are simply not true…

Know More About The Negative Effects Of Tattoo Removal

There are several reasons to remove the tattoo. Sometimes tattoos can inhibit the career advancement in the field where the professional appearance is necessary. Sometimes the body may change, and as the muscle or fat is gained or lost, the look and shape of the tattoo would become less attractive.

Beauty Tips For Girls That Will Allow You To Beat The Summer Heat And Still Look Hot

The arrival of summer brings not only nice weather, but problems as well when you consider how it will affect your makeup, skin and hair styles. The combination of heat, sunshine and swimming can make it very difficult to keep looking beautiful. In some instances too much sun exposure can actually do damage to both your hair color and texture of your skin. These summer beauty tips for girls will show you some terrific ways for beating the summer heat and still looking hot.

Aargh! How to Fix a Bad Hair Coloring Job

Nearly everyone who has ever dyed their hair has found themselves in a situation where they needed a hair color fix. Sure, the box says to not lighten more than two shades relative to your natural color, or perhaps you told your hair stylist you wanted brown not black, but these things happen. But the question remains: what can be done about it?

Natural Beauty Tips: Styling and Caring For Gray Hair

Gray hair can look beautiful if it’s styled and maintained properly. Learn more about how to care for naturally gray hair so that it looks and feels healthy.

Problems Solved by Laser Skin Care Treatment

Laser skin treatment uses intense pulses of light to correct almost any skin problem. It was merely a luxury for most people some years back. But it has now become a common skin maintenance procedure. It’s now used to solve a wide range of problems, from acne scars to rosacea.

Effective Ways to Keep Your Hair Straight

You may not want to use chemical treatments or heated styling products to straighten your hair, but you want the smooth, elegant look of straight locks. You may even use these styling aids, but want to keep your hair looking that sleek all day. You can do several things in addition to using straightening products or to replace them with a natural option.

Skin Microdermabrasion Facts You Need to Know

Microdermabrasion treatments are meant to solve various skin conditions. These include abnormal pigmentation; scars caused by acne and others; age spots; black heads; fine lines; and other skin concerns on your face, neck, chest, shoulders caused by aging and sun damage.

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