ID photo reveal – FAIL😨

20 minutes have passed let's go find out What the photo looks like oh I just Bought it such a cute apple tree Actually it's not apple tree it's Pomegranate check them out they're so Cute this time of the year is seriously The best I got the pigs I knew it I just Knew it again I look so bad what do you Guys say I feel like I always look so Weird on this photo it looks so washed Out and just like I don't know super Weird oh I don't like it and I'm gonna Have this on my ID for 10 years good job Sarah good job I want to try to compare My old photo to this new one to see Which one wins the worst ID photo award Uh I don't know it's tough they're both Very bad but maybe the new one is Marginally better this one is also Mac But I feel like this one was even Weirder I don't know I gave up Apparently I'm gonna have bad ID photos For life and that's fine I am now gonna Go to the municipality get my ID done And when I get the ID in about a week I'm gonna show you how it looks like

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