I’m OBSESSED with this blowout cream for frizz-free hair! #hair

Now it's time to blow dry my hair and I'm going to go in with the color Protect primer I love this stuff I have Already talked about it because it makes My hair so smooth and so soft and Completely frizz free it also protects Your hair from heat up to 450 degrees And it is so good so you can see my hair Is still wet and this is what the Texture looks like after I take it out Of the towel I'm just going to use a Couple pumps of this I do not need a lot And I just run it through my hair and Then I comb it out before I blow dry so Here's how my hair looks immediately After blow drying I have not styled it Yet just want to show you how smooth and Silky it makes my hair now I'm going to Go ahead and I'm going to style it and I'll show you what it looks like okay Here is my hair after styling it I just Put some waves into it and look how Pretty and silky and shiny my hair looks

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