What Causes Cleft Lip/Palate? How It Is Treated

In many cases, no exact causes can be stated for cleft lip and palate. It may result from a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Nasal Alveolar Molding is the treatment provided.

Benefits Of A Gel Nail UV Light Dryer

Using a UV light dryer is painless process that only takes a few minutes to make sure that your gel nail polish is completely dry before leaving the salon. A few extra minutes will help ensure your new manicure will last until your next appointment.

Your Professional Makeup Tutorial

There’s always an occasion for a professional makeup tutorial. Whether it is for a special event, an important business appointment or a date, every woman of any age wants to look her best and seeks a professional makeup tutorial.

How to Take Care of Your Grey Summer Hair

Taking care of gray hair in the summer months can be a challenge for some. Exposing gray hair to sun and chlorine makes it coarse and frizzy. Learn some secrets about how to care for gray hair while swimming and sunning.

On Using Mineral Foundation – Beware: Three Areas In Skin Care – How to Search and Evaluate Better

Is using mineral foundation good for you? Introducing three areas in skin care. Enhancing your judgement system, enabling you to search for skin care products and services intelligently and in a more targeted manner, and evaluate available options more confidently and precisely.

How to Use Neck Creams to Help Get Rid of Wrinkles

Every woman faces the risk of her neck skin looking old, filled with wrinkles and losing its elasticity. This phenomenon is often named a turkey neck and it’s a scary thing for everyone to think about. Now, neck creams can be used in order to repair what has to be repaired with the skin and the neck.

Hair and Beauty Tips From 1999

As a “tweenager,” the glossy pictures of Seventeen magazine, movies like “She’s All That” and clothing catalogues like Alloy and Delias were my guides to what as cool in 1999. Well, that and whatever my older sister said was cool. If you’re around my age, you might remember these trends fondly, like me, or look back on them in horror, like me also.

Cosmetics in the Victorian Age

The Victorian age was a time when cosmetic products were largely derided by the aristocracy. However, women found subtle ways to continue using makeup.

How to Stay Looking Young With Face Exercises

It is possible to look young and vibrant past fifty, or even sixty, with facial exercises and a few other secrets to a more youthful lifestyle. The face is the first thing that people see in social interactions, which is probably the reason why people feel the need to maintain a youthful face despite advancing years.

How to Get Maximum Versatility Out of Your Hair Without Taking Any Risks

Without question your hair forms a part of your identity. Hair is an extension of your personality; it can even indicate what type of person you are before you introduce yourself. So what does your hair say about you? Would you like it to say more? Let’s see if we can give you some good tips and ideas.

Caring For Your Skin At Home

Skin care is important in order to remove pollutants from the surface of your skin; this is because everyday, your skin comes under constant attack from airborne impurities. A facial is one way in which you can remove these pollutants from your skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft, and pliable and more importantly, clean. However, a lot of women do not have the time or the funds to be able to attend a salon in order to receive a professional facial. Thankfully, there are now a number of quality face care products available in your local pharmacy or supermarket. These items include a cleanser for your face, a face mask, a toner, an exfoliating scrub and finally, a moisturizer.

Virgin Remy Hair Maintenance – How To Make Hair Extensions Last

Virgin remy hair is natural human hair. It is not dyed, it can hold its pattern and take color easily with proper operation. Use these virgin remy maintenance tips to make your it last longer.

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