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Sell Your Hair – The 5 Step Process

So you’re ready to sell your luscious, long hair? It’s a lot easier than you may think and depending on its condition, length and how you market it, you can make a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars! This quick guide should help you sell your hair online.

Pubic Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are one of the easiest ways for removing unwanted hair and especially the pubic hair. While shaving may hurt your skin and cause rashes or razor burns, hair removal creams are easy and totally safe to use. Find out more…

5 Step Tutorial To Applying False Eyelashes

If you want a quick lash fix to adding some extra length to your lashes without the expensive price tag then there is no better option than false eyelashes. Your success at applying false lashes can be the difference between looking absolutely gorgeous or looking at hot, terrible mess. To ensure you get the perfect celebrity eyelash look, here is a quick 5 step tutorial to applying false eyelashes.

The Berry That Keeps You Beautiful

Wondering which foods are best to keep you feeling and looking young and healthy? Different foods have different benefits for various parts of your body. Some will boost the immune system. Others give strength to weakened muscles. Still more contribute to the growth of hair and nails.

Use Unrefined Shea Butter for Strong Hair

Shea butter has long since built a solid reputation as a fabulous skin care product. Renowned all over the world for it’s natural and safe moisturizing and anti-aging properties, the biggest reason people use it on their skin is, quite simply, because it works.

3 Common Eyeshadow Mistakes

In order to do things well, we need practice. Applying eyeshadow correctly is no different. Most of us learn by trial and error, yet some of us still face problems, simply because of mistakes we’ve been making over and over through the years.

How to Use Concealer

There are many options women have when it comes to using cosmetics to complement their skin and face. Concealer, when used properly is a fantastic addition to your make up kit, to help cover and hide any unwanted blemishes, dark spots or other imperfections. Concealer can be used in different areas and perform different functions.

A Dramatic False Eye Look? Reviewing MAC’s False Lash Mascara

Does MAC’s False Lash Mascara live up to expectation? Does it give you longer luscious lashes? Does it justify its price? Here we put it to the test.

How You Can Remove Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails can be charming and delightful. They hold well and endure through the trials and tribulations of the day. This is what you want from a false fingernail, however, it can make them a little challenging to remove.

Quick Fixes When You’re in a Rush

Your already running late for work. You fix your hair, pick up your hairspray and realize it’s empty. After your scold yourself for not remembering to pick more up the day before, you ponder an alternative to hold your hair in place until lunchtime.

Why Is Mineral Make Up So Special?

Mineral make up has taken the spotlight time and again, as consumers make the switch from non-mineral cosmetics, to the mineralized ones. Initially, the branding of mineralized products was thought to offer a more nourishing finish for your skin. While this is true, the consumer demand for more products made from natural ingredients forced cosmetic companies to rethink the ingredients in their products.

The Beauty Wonders of Kiwifruit

There is a delicious little fruit about the size of an egg that runs less than fifty calories, is full of anti-oxidants, omega 3’s and vitamin C that also does wonders for your appearance. The little fruit is, of-course, the mighty little kiwi.

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