Waking Up to Perfect Hair Every Day With the Right Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin hair treatment is a relatively new technique that provides women and men with up to three months of straight hair. It is Brazilian in origin, and most of the keratin-based products still come from that region. Who can benefit from such a treatment, and are there any health risks?

The Best Hair Straighteners?

The texture and type of the hair to be straightened will greatly influence the kind of device and product to pick, this is because short hair will call for a different type of straightener compared to long hair and so does naturally smooth and soft hair. Another factor to consider is whether you need to straighten hair permanently or temporarily. Additionally you also need to differentiate professional devices that can be used commercially from those that are just for home use, using your home use hair straighteners in a commercial environment will shorten their life span in no time as you will be overloading them with work that the device is not designed for.

Wedding Makeup and Grooming

Β  It always starts with the skin, boring as it sounds your make-up will only ever look as good as the skin beneath it – if your skin is dry then your foundation may have an orange peel effect, if your skin is oily and the correct measures are not taken then your make-up will slide the minute you warm up. So it’s essential to embrace cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day with a weekly mask or exfoliation depending on your skin type, some months before the big day with a good quality range. It is not advisable…

Laser Hair Removal At Home – Facts You Need To Know To Remove Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal is a fabulous way of removing your unwanted hair from your upper lip, your legs, and all body parts in-between, even in intimate places like your pubic hair. Hey, we all have it, but… let’s get rid of it.

The Secret of Beauty

There is something about a woman that can make a head turn, a smile appear, a spark fly, and dreams come true. A woman is many things but there is something that a woman can have that can make all the difference, it is what makes a woman truly beautiful. And it is not beauty itself.

4 Problem Solving and Money Saving Hair Care Tips

Whether it’s short or long, curly or straight, you probably use your hair to make a statement. But if you often style or color your hair, then you also probably have some hair problems that these tips can help you with.

Products to Help Manage Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can sometimes be an issue. What are some products that can help manage frizzy hair?

Powder or Cream Blush – Which Is Best for Oily Skin?

This article is about the use of powder or cream blush. This is specifically for people with oily skin but could be of interest to anyone who uses blush.

Personal Makeover: A Rejuvenation of Your Body, Mind, and Lifestyle

If you’re ready for a complete personal makeover, then we’re ready to help you as well. The first and probably the most important key you need is the one that will open yourself to positive change.

Natural Colours of Hair

Inside the human hair there are two natural pigments that determine your natural hair colour. These are melanin and pheomelanin. Melanin appears in brownish-black colours and makes up the majority of your base colour or the depth – how light or dark you are – whereas pheomelanin appears in reddish-yellow colours and makes up the tones you have in your hair which sometimes you see and sometimes you don’t.

Cut Personalizing

Personalizing a cut is often done when hair is dried into shape after the initial cut. It is a way of making the cut individual to each person according to their face shape and hair type, and also a way of creating your own personal, signature haircut.

Why A Liver Flush Can Help Treat The Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

A lot of people spend a small fortune on beauty products in an attempt to get rid of the unsightly and unattractive dark circles around their eyes. They may even apply dry tea bags or cucumber slices to their eyes as well. However the truth is that the best way to eliminate these dark circles is to attack the problem directly at the source.

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