Makeup Transformation: The Shocking Difference Between Her Order and Delivery 😄

Are you tired of receiving makeup products that don’t live up to your expectations? Do you ever wonder if the pictures you see online are too good to be true? In this blog post, we’ll share with you a shocking makeup transformation that highlights the difference between what was ordered and what was delivered. Get ready to be surprised!


Ladies, don’t you just love ordering makeup products online? The excitement of the arrival of your online buying is unbeatable until you open the package and realize that the shades you ordered are either too light or too dark for your skin tone. In this article, we will present to you a makeup transformation that will show the difference between what was ordered and what was delivered.

The Arrival

As we all know, online shopping has been a great game-changer in the makeup industry. It’s convenient, time-saving, and – let’s face it – much more fun! So we decided to order some makeup online, and even put together a video describing the makeup products used. Unfortunately, when the package arrived, we were in for a rude awakening! The colors of the products didn’t match our skin tones, and we were left at a loss as to what should be done next.

The Friend

We then decided to seek advice from a friend who is quite gifted with doing makeup. She agreed to model for us and walked us through the process of achieving the perfect look despite the shade differences.

A Request for Makeup Look

We asked her to go for the sultry, smoky-eye look for a dinner date. She then requested us to show her a picture or screenshot of what we had in mind so she could match the look for us.

The Application

We then proceeded to the makeup application process. The first step, of course, was to apply primer to the face. Our friend then did her magic, and we recorded the transformation that resulted.

Credit to the Artist

In the background of the video, we had to credit the artist who lent us permission to use her music.

A Reminder

At the end of the video, we reminded our subscribers to like, share, and subscribe to our channel and check out our previous videos for more amazing makeup transformation tips and tricks.


The transformation our friend achieved was amazing. She went from a bare-faced beauty to a stunningly made-up diva in no time. And all of it despite the differences in the shades of the products. We were surprised and amazed by her talent and just how different the makeup looked from what we had ordered online. In conclusion, ladies, when you receive your online orders and end up disappointed with the shades, know that there’s always a way around it and never feel helpless.


  1. Can I still use makeup products that don’t match my skin tone?
    Yes, you can still use those products and even blend them with other colors to obtain the right shade.

  2. Should I always order makeup products online?
    It’s up to you and your preference. However, it’s always better to get your shades tested in-store by a makeup artist before purchasing them online.

  3. Can I still slay with the wrong shade of foundation or lipstick?
    Yes, confidence is key! Even if the shade isn’t the perfect match, learning to work with it and owning your look can still turn heads and make a statement.

  4. How important is primer before applying makeup?
    Primer is very essential as it helps to control oil, fills in fine lines and pores, and creates a smooth base on which makeup products can sit evenly.

  5. How much makeup should I apply to achieve a perfect look?
    It’s different for every person and depends on the occasion and personal preference, but the key is always to blend and layer the products slowly, building the intensity gradually.