Makeup Tutorial on Dark Skin | 2021 Makeup compilations


How Natural Tea Tree Body Care Products Can Soothe And Help Heal Difficult Skin Conditions

Learn how to heal and sooth difficult skin conditions such as eczema with tea tree oil. This powerful essential oil is proven to kill bacteria and stimulate your immune system. Learn more about this powerful oil now.

Hottest Makeup Trends for 2014

2013 revolved around having a bold, daring lip color. There were red lips, ombre lips, deep ruby lips and it’s not surprising if you even saw black lips now and again. However, that look was completely last year, and last year alone. This year, it’s all about being bright and showing off the natural beauty that you have.

Tips for Choosing a New Hair Stylist

These days, it’s harder to find the perfect hair stylist than it is to find the perfect partner. Placing the future of your hair into a stranger’s hands is a hard thing to do but it almost seems like every time I find the right stylist, the one who knows exactly what I want, their either retire or relocate. I know I can’t be the only one who has this ongoing problem so here are a few tips on how to choose a new hair stylist.

Tips For Preventing Problems With Hair Extensions

For those who have trouble growing thick hair, luscious locks can come from high quality wigs or extensions. Even without trouble, there are many celebrities who have known about the secret of hair extensions for some time. If you want to get a beautiful head of hair and don’t want to wait the months and years it can take to grow it then you’ll want to take a closer look at hair extensions.

Why Consider Hair Pieces For Your Wedding

Weddings take a lot of planning and attention to details. The special day is all about the bride and what she wants for her future with her new husband. The decor can run from extravagant to extremely casual but one thing stays the same; every bride wants to look their best.

Why Your Antiperspirant May Be Dangerous

Aluminium salts are present in many personal care products. However, their safety cannot be guaranteed, so should manufacturers still be using these chemicals?

Dry Hair Shampoo and Anti-Frizz Recipes – All From Your Pantry

Are you dealing with dry hair and frizz? Try these two simple recipes, they are going to keep these two conventional hair issues at bay!

What Kind Of Chemical Peels Are Available In The Market?

Chemical peels are popular treatments which can help to improve the look of the skin. They are often used for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles that appear around the mouth or under the eyes. They can also affect wrinkles associated with sun damage or the aging process that appear elsewhere on the body.

REAL Wellness, Unlike Youth on the Young, Is Never Wasted on Those Who Have Earned It

Are appearances more or less important to those who pursue healthy lifestyles than they are to regular folks? Or, are such temporal matters as beauty, style and looks but jejune diversions of scant concern to the savants of lifestyle artistry? Does appearance play a proportionate role in your own assessment of others? What is beauty, anyway? If most people assessed physical appearance based almost entirely on evident self-care a body has received, would society be better off? These questions are addressed in the context of aging and beauty, and the possibility that living well promotes a healthy attitude to concerns about changes in appearance over time.

A Host of Available Beauty Treatments At Home

There is a host of beauty treatments that can be easily handled at home instead of visiting a beauty salon. However, the better solution would be to engage a mobile beautician who makes house calls for a host of beauty treatments at home. These include waxing, manicure and pedicure, HOPI Ear Candling, facials, spray tanning and makeup. These are essential beauty treatments which benefit many ladies of all ages to upkeep their physical appearances.

Ways to Tackle Cellulite and Retain A Youthful You

To almost 90% of the women on the planet, cellulite is a bad word. Throughout their youth their skin looks fine and toned and suddenly one summer day when they put on shorts to go the beach, their thighs look more like cottage cheese than something that is supposed to look graceful and elegant even after regular use of moisturizers and sunscreen lotions. Cellulite is the one to blame for turning what was once a shapely, toned and pleasing to the eye lower body into a very convincing impression of an orange peel.

Say Goodbye to Dead Skin Cells – 5 DIY Body Scrub Recipes

Maintaining good skin takes a lot of work. Every time you hop in the shower, you find the bathroom cabinet stuffed with beauty products. From moisturizing shampoos and soothing shaving creams to body butter and fruity face washes…

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