Mornings in Italy🌞

It is 9 A.M I am in a small Italian town So let's see how Mornings in Italy look Like I just love these empty narrow Streets it's so nice to go for a walk When the town is still half asleep maybe It's my social anxiety I don't know big Crowds of people make me feel stressed While this is just so calming perfect For an early bird like me when I was Younger this city was full of cute shops Some of them are still going strong but Many were closed down when big shopping Malls were being opened nearby this Open-air Market however still seems to Attract a lot of people it's so Interesting to see this contrast half an Hour ago the city was empty and now so Much life everywhere people buying their Vegetables deli meats clothes flowers me And my mom are now gonna find a little Coffee shop check out the pastries have Some tea I will show you all that in Tomorrow's blog

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