How to Apply a French Manicure at Home

Flower nail design is one of the most attractive nail designs in the world of the nail. There have many nail kits such as french manicure kit, dip powder kit are available in the market and you can easily make an attractive design at home by using them but still flower nail design make a different appearance for your nails.

Ladies Wigs – The Real, The Replacement and The Ridiculous

Ladies wigs are more common that what you think. Nowadays there are already a lot of manufacturers that make the different kinds of it. This is so that people with special requirements or has a preference on wigs can be able to get what they want. Wigs are also fun to wear, they can improve how you look and boost your overall image. But functionality wise, there are different kinds for you to choose from.

Makeup: The Truth Behind the “Truth”

The under-eye concealer that you are using now must match with the foundation you’re using. How many times have you heard or read that? If you are someone who closely follows makeup tips and tricks on beauty magazines and websites, you must have come across so many professionals, who swear by this cardinal rule of makeup- your concealer and your foundation should blend perfectly with each other

New Hairstyle Design Tips: Trendy Casual Hairstyles

Nonchalant, messy hairstyles are the most attractive of hairstyles for fall 2016. Here are new hairstyle designs tips for short and long hair.

Botox Treatments FAQ

Botox remains one of the most popular cosmetic treatments that is used to cut the effects of aging, such as wrinkles and laugh lines. These fine lines can quickly make a person’s self-confidence fall and leave them wishing that they had the same taut skin they had when they were younger, and making them wonder whether this procedure is right for them.

5 Step Plan to Get That Healthy 365 Day GLOW!

It’s extremely important to keep the body balanced, aligned, and well nourished. In this article you will learn from a Celebrity Expert Nutritionist the 5 steps to achieving a year around healthy glow, which include hydration, macronutrients, detoxification, relaxation, and physical movement.

Everything You Need To Know About Virgin Hair

Virgin hair, also known as raw hair is human hair that hasn’t been treated chemically, bleached or permed. The hair is obtained directly from the head of a hair donor, washed and then packed for sale. All the hair cuticles are intact and lay in the same direction thus making the hair smooth and soft to the touch.

The Many Uses for Baking Soda

It’s known by some people that baking soda has more uses than just for baking. Whether you use it in the kitchen, your room or as a replacement for any cosmetic it will surely work wonders.

Modern Nail Trends You Should Know

Every new era comes with some new trends which increase our thinking and help us to make our life perfect. In the world of nail design, the theory is just equal. In this modern era, there have many new nail trends are available.

8 Best Kept Secrets to Look Younger

Who doesn’t want to look younger than their age? Both men and women spend a quality time in exercising, dieting and grooming themselves to look a few years younger than they actually are. However, not everyone might be successful in this endeavour. Here are 8 secrets that will get you a younger looking skin in no time.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Brazilian Butt Lift recovery time. What you need to know. What to do and not to do after surgery.

A Few Bridal Makeup Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

The importance of finding a credentialed bridal makeup artist can never be undermined. No. A random research in this regard will not suffice. Are you even aware of the string of mistakes that bridal make-up artists end up making? If not, then go through the post and stay informed. Please read on.

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