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Do You Know What’s in Your Lipstick? 3 Non-Vegan Ingredients to Avoid

Beside chemicals, some natural ingredients in your lipstick can cause severe allergic reactions. If you are a vegan or made a conscious choice not to use animal-derived ingredients in your cosmetics, learning about these ingredients is even more important. Here’s how to recognize them and why you should avoid them.

Perfume Tips From A to Z

When I first started out as a perfumista I received a tip from a friend who told me to never discard a fragrance that I didn’t like. At first I thought she was crazy but later I understood what she was telling me. Our sense of smell changes over time.

5 Short Hairstyles Women Can Rock This Season

Not many dare to go short. This is because although short hairstyles look chic, modern and edgy, they are tricky when it comes to styling. But then it’s so much more practical for one whose job takes up most of their time. If you are planning to chop those tresses, here are the 5 latest trends to try out. There’s one for every face shape and hair texture.

Try the Blonde Hair Extensions Today!

Various popular film administrators, and also Alfred Hitchcock, only considered solid blondes as their heroines, having little doubt that they appealed to various viewers. The tremendous success of stars such as Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe surely seem to support this theory.

Virgin Hair – Steps To Buy The Best For You

Virgin hair lasts a long time and it is pretty easy to take care of. If you are looking for virgin hair extensions, then you can be sure that you will be making a good investment as long as you take your time to find the most suitable for you. Virgin hair can be defined as a human hair that has not been bleached, permed or colored. It comes straight from the donor with cuticle layers intact and running the same direction. The market has so many and to get the best when you buy, you need to make a few considerations.

Reasons to Give Perfume As a Gift

Picking out perfume to give as a gift can be a daunting task. If you are looking for a gift that is both personal and luxurious then you can’t go wrong with perfume.

Styling Your Brazilian Hair Extension To Suit Your Face

Brazilian virgin hair is loved by many because of how beautiful it is. Styling the extensions is made easy by the fact that it is natural hair meaning that you can wash it, flat iron it or blow dry it without risking damages as it is the case with synthetic extensions. To have an easy time styling the hair, start with the basics like dampening the hair and applying your preferred styling product before blow drying it or styling it as you desire.

Makeup Artist And One Thought On The Services Of The Artist

I guess beauty comes with a lot of things like the pretty smile you wear, your dress code, your way of talking, but the first impression is the last impression. And the first impression is your face. The face confidence makes you strut with your amazing self. Makeup is a tool to enhance your beauty and make you look beautiful, beyond your natural beauty. A number of techniques and types of products are involved in makeup artistry.

What To Do With Leftover Pumpkin

Sick of eating pumpkin pie? Had enough of working out what to do with all that leftover pumpkin from Halloween? You should check out these DIY beauty recipes – plenty of things you can do with leftover pumpkin and lots of benefits to reap!

Qualities To Look Out For In A Beauty Salon

Beauty salons offer more than just hair services; most generally they take care of every part of your body through different services. If you value how your body gets treated with every session that you go for, you should pay attention to what the beauty salon you have selected has to offer you. There are a few qualities that every good beauty salon should have and they can help you choose the best beauty salons to get your beauty treatments from.

A Few Facts About Botox You Should Know

Confused about Botox, what it does and whether or not it is safe to use? That’s not surprising. There are several myths out there about Botox, many of them entirely untrue. Unfortunately with a lot of emphasis on the adverse effects of this procedure, many people are looking for the real facts about Botox.

Simple Makeup Techniques for Accentuating Your Eyes With an Eyeliner

Do you know how to properly line your eyes for maximum impact? Learn a few simple techniques for defining and accentuating your eyes.

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