No-sew Easter bunny out of socks๐Ÿฐ

I saw on Pinterest that you can make This cute Easter Bunny out of socks some Rice and elastic is it really that Simple let's test it out first we're Gonna pour some rice into the fuzzy Sauce if you just look at the foot of The sock you're gonna feel that part two Thirds of the way now take an elastic Pinch the sock tightly over the top of The rice and secure in place add more Rice in the heel part of the sock to Make Bunny's hair grab another elastic Pinch the sock together over the top of The head and secure tightly take your Scissors and let's work on the ears I'm Gonna cut the top part away to make it Shorter you can use it to wipe sweat Because diying can be stressful cut out A v-shape to make too long bunny ears For the nose I'll use a wooden pinky Bead plus three pieces of white strand Pull through to represent whiskers glue It on the bunny together with a set of Googly eyes I'm also going to grab a Ribbon make a bow and attach it to one Of the ears lastly we need a white Pom-Pom glue it on the back and here she Is this turned out way cuter than I Expected such a cool Decor especially if You make a few of them in different Pastel colors and the white little tail At the back I can't

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