NYE glittery smokey eye makeup tutorial

Hi there I've been really inconsistent With my uploads I'm sorry hopefully in The next year I will be a little bit More careful with my schedule and I will Be able to upload on time thing is I Planned on doing at least two New Year's Eve looks But obviously I've run out of time and I Can only do one and I chose The classics I went for this glittery Smokey eye which I feel like is very Versatile it can work with any outfit And it's very New Year's Eve suitable I Guess yeah if you want to see how I did It it's coming up since this is going to Be a very intense smoky eye I'm going to Do my eyes first to avoid Fallout on my Face and I'm going to need some kind of A base on my Lids first you can either Use an eyeshadow primer or concealer Today I'm going to use a concealer I'm Going to use this one from Too Faced Just keep in mind that if you have oily Lids and eyeshadow primer is a much Better option because it's going to help With the longevity of the eyeshadow While a concealer might work for most People if you don't have very oily Lids If you're using a concealer dough what Also helps with the longevity is using Some powder to set it in place before Applying the eyeshadow I'm not going to Do that today if you don't set the Concealer with powder then the colors

Are going to be a little bit more Vibrant so especially since I'm not Actually going anywhere today so I don't Really care about the longevity of the Makeup I prefer to have More saturated pigment rather than Having it last for a long time before Applying all the dark eyeshadows on my Lid I'm going to lay down the transition Which for today's look will be a cool Tone Brown eyeshadow you can also use Your Contour powder if you have a cool Toned one I feel like with the Grays and Blacks that I'm going to use a cool tone Transition shade works the best usually For not cool tones I reach for my uh the Tops palette from Juvia's place I'm Going to start with this one this is a Tiny bit too light it's not that Noticeable on the lids so I'm going to Apply this shade with a fluffy eyeshadow Brush uh Juvia's place 006 to be more Specific I'm gonna tap off the excess I'm gonna make sure that I have no Creases on my legs because it can happen Since I didn't set um the eyeshadow yet So this shade is gonna go on my outer Corner and crease area but I usually Like to start from my outer Corner Because that's where I um concentrate Most of my eyeshadow in general that Works best for my eye shape in Particular but not only for most eye Shapes I feel like the outer Corner

Placement is the most flattering so I'm Doing tiny circular motions and Diffusing this shade into my skin I'm Also doing a tiny extension here in my Outer corner so I'm flicking my brush Like that I'm not going to do the lower Lash line in the beginning but I'm going To imagine that the lower lashing is Also dark and intense so the eyeshadow For me I do like it to be continuous in A way so I do like the top lid and the Bottom lid to be connected with each Other when I'm doing the top layer I'm Going to imagine that I have Darkness Here and that it continues like that you Can do entire eye look in the beginning If that's easier for you I find that the Lower lash line eyeshadow lasts a bit Better when I do my face makeup like When I apply concealer underneath my Eyes and powder and then apply the Eyeshadow on top this is how I would Like it to be angled so I am going to Have to fill in this whole part here That is going to be connected with this Side underneath I hope I make sense I'm Going to deepen this area a little bit With this darker shade here this leans a Little bit grayish maybe I will just mix It a bit with a transition shade just to Warm it up a bit and I'm using a Slightly smaller uh blending brush It's a morpheum 506 this is one of my Favorite brushes

And again I'm doing a little extension In my outer corner And I'm really trying to blend it into The transition shade I want a lot of Sparkles in today's look so uh I will Pick this is a very old palette don't Judge me it's the queen Supreme Palette by Mac I'm gonna take this shade Which is A dark gray but every shade in this Palette has a lot of sparkles in it and I like it because the Glitter In the Shadows is very fine I'm gonna tap this Shade in my outer corner I'm kind of Bringing it towards the center of my lid Though And fading it upwards even though this Is a smokey eye I personally for my eye Shade because I have deep set eyes I Would rather not apply very dark shadows On my entire lid because that visually Sinks my eye even deeper I usually Concentrate the darker Shadows on my Outer corner to create an extended look Instead This is not too dark though but I'm just going to bring it halfway and Then apply something lighter in the Inner part of the lid I'm gonna need my Previous brush and try to diffuse it a Little bit right now it's just looking a Little bit too harsh And for the inner part of my lid I'm Going to take the tops again and I'm Going to use this shade here this is

Very glittery I think it's best if I use My finger for this shade even though It's pretty difficult to reach my inner Corner when I'm using my finger it's Probably not that visible on camera but This shade has a lot of interesting Shifts it has little purple Sparkles Almost most likely I'm going to reach For more glitter I think I want a little Bit more in this I'm going to reach for My previous brush again and make sure That the edges are a little bit softer I do want to intensify this I look a Little bit more so I'm going to have to Reach for a black eyeshadow but I'm Going to reach for a sparkly black Eyeshadow I have this one from YSL it's The sequin Crush in the shade 10 yeah It's just a shade 10 I guess mine is a Little bit broken unfortunately I'm Going to use a smaller brush so I can Concentrate where I'm placing Um This darkest shadow that I'm using I'm Concentrating it on the outer Corner Again because I want that extended look Of the eye I'm going to have to build it Up a little bit it's just a little bit Less pigmented than what I would like I tried to create kind of like a V shape Here again for that extended look Actually almost like a triangle and I'm Bringing it a bit in my outer part of The crease

And again I'm kind of Imagining the Lower lash line connected to this part So I'm going to bring it a little bit Lower here I am gonna have to blend this a little Bit more even though I do like it as it Is it kind of looks more editorial like But it's kind of out of my comfort zone So I'll just pick this shade again and I'm going to use it to diffuse that Black I will attempt to add a little bit more Sparkle to this look I have here a Pigment from makeup addiction Cosmetics It's the shade silver lights it's a dark Gray almost a black and I'm gonna see How it looks I don't know if I'm going To ruin the look with it or not but we Will risk it because I want a little bit More glitter with this one I'm going to Need a glitter base I have here the Glitter base from NYX and I'm just gonna Apply a little bit of that on my brush I'm going to Pat it on my hand first to Have it evenly distributed on my brush And I'm gonna Pat it here On the outer half of my lid again I Don't want anything too dark in the Inner portion of my lid Oh this is going to be messy I hate Loose pigments for this reason They can get up on my brush And tapping it above the glitter base A little bit underwhelming it's not as

Glittery as I would like it to be it's a Little bit more metallic than glittery It's not bad but it kind of ruined my Blend so I'm going to pick up this Shimmer again and I will try to diffuse The edges of the pigment a little bit And then I'm going to pick up the black Again this time I'm going to diffuse the Outer part of where I placed that Pigment down I'm going to give it that it's very Reflective the last thing that I want to Do for my top lid is smudge a Black Pencil along my lash line I was Questioning whether or not I should use An eyeliner but I feel like a smudged Pencil is going to look so much better With the whole blend that we did here I Just want to keep that Smoky Vibe and Not add anything graphic on this look I'm going to apply it all over my lash Line you don't have to be precise with It we're going to smudge it anyway And as usual I'm kind of making it Thicker on my other corner and I will Use that same pencil brush that I used To apply the black eyeshadow and I'm Going to do a little back and forth Motions To diffuse the pencil I would also use the black underneath my Lash line For looks that are as intense as this One is I prefer not to see my skin color

Anywhere if that makes sense so that's Why I'm trying to cover every area of my Eye I did do my face makeup of Kara Because I don't know I just did not feel Like filming it today because it's so Repetitive and I'm I'm bored of it Anyway moving on to the lower lash line I'm going to use the Black Pencil on my Waterline first again to avoid seeing The skin color I feel like it makes the Look even more intense then I'm gonna Take this shade that I use on my top lid Because it's glittery and I won't Glitter on my lower lash line as well And I'm going to tap it carefully again To avoid the Fallout on my face And I'm going to connect it with the top Lid Here in my outer corner I did use this Highlighter in the queen Supreme palette On my face and I'm also going to use it In my inner Corners so I'm going to pick It on a small detail brush and I'm just Going to tap it here And also adding a little bit of that on My brow bone even though it's not really Visible for me but whatever I'm going to Finish up the eyes with mascara But first I'm going to use a lash curler As usual and I'm kind of tilting it like That to create a more Type curve and I'm going to use my Essence for slashes mascara and I'm Going to load my lashes with this I

Really want them to be dramatic also What could work really well in this look And I'm probably going to use Um this element in my New Year's Eve Makeup I'm talking about rhinestones I Feel like rhinestones could add like a Really nice twist to this look I'm not Really sure how I would place them Though maybe at least one in the inner Corner that could look interesting I'm Going to use it on the lower lashes as Well After this dries I'm going to add a Second and maybe a third coat as well I'm going to see how I feel about it For the lips I'm going to go for a nude I will use this NYX pencil in the shade Um nude truffle it's a neutral maybe a Tiny bit cool so nude it's mostly Neutral which I love it for I feel like it has the perfect nude tone I'm also going to do most of the filling In with this pencil because I'm just Going to use a gloss on top the gloss That I'm going to go for is the Fenty Gloss bomb in the shade fussy And this is the local complete I hope You like how it came out let me know in The comments if you decided on your Makeup look for the New Year's Eve I Don't know if I'm going to go for this Look in particular I will probably Maintain this shape this Smoky placement Of the eyeshadows but I would probably

Use a color I don't know how my vibe is Going to change in two days I might go For green probably will use rhinestones As well thank you so so much for Watching today's video I hope it was Useful have fun on the New Year's Eve And I will see you next year actually Bye

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