Packing for 1 month in a carry-on🧳

New day new ones it is the day before I'm living on a trip and I have to pack Meal prep I have to clear there is so Much things that I have to do seriously It's a lot but okay we don't have time To dwell on things we have to go to work Time to pack and this is not an easy Task when your closet is looking like This but let's do this even though I'm Going home for quite some time I always Like to pack very lightly and basically I'm just bringing very comfy clothes Because too many times I have packed Jeans and I never wore them no more so Now I'm just bringing two Foodies a Flannel type simple black and white T-shirt a couple of graphic tees and in Case I need something a little bit nicer This dress still comfy very easy to pack And quite cute I am always just Traveling with my hand luggage and my PC Pretty much takes up half the space so I Gotta be conservative with the packing Next I have to do some cleaning meal Prep to check in a lot of stuff I'm Gonna set my alarm to four o'clock in The morning and I'm gonna see you Tomorrow

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