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The Many Jojoba Oil Benefits

Extracted from the nuts and seeds of the jojoba plant, primarily found in north-west Mexico, southern California, and southern Arizona, jojoba oil makes the perfect carrier oil. Useful alongside many other fresh ingredients in DIY beauty recipes, it brings with it a whole host of benefits, most of which are related to your skin, face, and hair. An additive already found in a number of commercially manufactured and sold beauty products, it is classed as a fungicide, which means the beneficial properties are not just great for your body, but for the beauty product itself,…

All About Wigs – Which Wig Type Suits You Best

Wigs come in different styles and forms and choosing the right one has its advantages especially for those who are interested in both functionality and appearance. Below are just some of the wig types currently sold in stores. Some wig specialty stores also offer customized hairpieces making it possible for one to choose the best fit and material that they are comfortable with.

Brazilian Blowouts, The Secret Of Looking Like A Diva

Tired of the bad hair days and seeking a solution to get over it. Then going for Brazilian blowout is definitely the ultimate call to enhance your attractiveness.

Easy Split-End Fixes Without Cutting Your Locks

It happens even to the best of us who have seemingly straight and shiny hair. What may seem impeccable at first glance would actually reveal a flaw once your eyes travel to the tips. Yes, lo and behold, the perfect hair you believed to be has split ends!

Choosing the Best Electric Shaver for You

If you’ve been an avid fan of wet shaving, but you’re considering making the switch to electric shaving it is important to do your research. And to help, below is a detailed guide of what you’ll need to know about switching from a manual to an electric shaver.

Hair Removal Options to Remove Hair Effectively

This article describes the different methods of removing hair. It describes methods to remove hair effectively.

At Home Permanent Hair Removal Methods

This article gives the girls information about permanent hair removal methods at home. Laser treatment is a permanent method of hair removal.

How To Increase Your Beauty

It’s definitely not easy being a girl. From a sudden appearance of acne the morning of an important meeting or a date to chapped lips. And the damage doesn’t end at that! The scorching heat or dust can lead to wrinkles, marks, dry skin, oil deposition and premature aging. It is no news that the weather changes needs some great care for your skin. If careful thought is not put into this, the enjoyment of the season is lost. But as they say, everything comes at a cost.

Tips On Shaving Your Pubic Hair

This article guides women how to shave their pubic hair. It tells what precautions to take, what preparations to make and why she may want to shave her pubic hair.

Top 6 Beauty Tips

Ever wondered how to make your own eyeliner, instead of buying at a premium price? Now you can make your own eyeliner with just two ingredients: coconut oil and activated charcoal. You can find both at most health-food stores, drugstores, or even on Amazon. The charcoal powder normally comes in capsules, making it super-easy to measure out.

Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks

Beauty is the jewelry of a woman which should never be undermined. We all love women and girls who are beautiful, either form inside or outside. Inner beauty is as important as outer, although nowadays we only believe in the outer one.

DIY Homemade Flaxseed Gel For Curly Hair

Flaxseed hair gel is an inexpensive, natural hair product that is best suited for curly hair. It moisturizes and defines curly hair without creating crunchiness or stiffness. Also known as linseed, flaxseed comes from a fibre crop known as Flax. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B1, dietary fibre and so much more! Some people call it the wonder food because it aids in lowering the risk of cancer.

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