Reviewing my DIY school supplies 6 years later📒

Hi I'm Sarah if I look familiar it's Because I'm probably your childhood so I've been cleaning my DIY room and I Found this DIY liquid notebook that I Made six or seven years ago and it is Still intact now that's some quality DIY Glitter is still super vibrant we have The lava effect this handmade pouch Hasn't leaked at all okay now that I've Opened it I can see that the glue Definitely isn't holding anymore this is A quick fix I mean this notebook has Been through a lot I made it in Norway Six seven years ago and then he traveled With me all the way to Portugal where he Lives now so cut him some slack he's Holding up very good how would I rate This today this DIY definitely deserves A 10. maybe use a bit stronger glue next Time wanna see more reviews of your Childhood DIYs let me know

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