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Review: The Rio Scanning Hair Removal Laser

The method of removing unwanted overgrown hair by making use of laser beams has been becoming ever more popular recently and has been booming as a new trend in the cosmetics world. With this overwhelming trend there have emerged numerous techniques and varieties of laser therapies to choose from. The Rio Scanning hair removal laser comes as another alternative to the existing laser systems available.

Post Operative Care for Laser Hair Removal

After undergoing laser surgery, it is necessary for the patients to take good care of themselves. Some patients consider that what happens to them after surgery are all due to side effects, complications or pain and so on. However, that is not totally true. That is why they need to know what side effects actually happen to them so that they can perform the necessary post operative care routine.

Wax Vs Laser Hair Removal Treatment

What are the main differences between waxing and laser hair removal? To find out read on…

To Be Or Not To Be Paraben Free

Shortly before I began using and creating my own all natural body products I started to read ingredient labels of the body products I used. One term that kept coming up was paraben, benzyl-paraben, butyl-paraben, ethyl-paraben, isobutyl-paraben, methyl-paraben, and propyl-paraben.

Product Review: Tria Laser

Tria laser is a device which has been approved by the US FDA to be used for laser hair removal at home. The parts of the body on which the device can be used include the legs, feet, bikini line, hands, underarms, chest and back. Read more…

Threading for Perfect Eyebrows

The science of beautification has been derived from many years of experimentation. It has resulted in the production of many different methods for refining and enhancing certain parts of the body, including eyebrow shapes. One such method is called threading; a method for removing unwanted hair. It’s not new and is very popular in countries like India and Middle East but it has not been acknowledged in the western world for all that long.

Waxing and Other Non-Permanent Hair Removal Techniques

It is an undeniable fact that a waxing hair removal treatment offers its patients the medium term benefit of hair removal. This is because the wax pulls off the hair along with its root by getting into the hair follicles. And even if it grows back later, hairs will grow back finer and less dense as before they were waxed.

Tweezers: Things Have Moved on

You may not have realised yet that things are changing the world of tweezing. There are now hundreds of different types of tweezers for natural hair removal that claim various benefits over the others. Some are better balanced or claim to be more ergonomically designed, others claim better grip power to remove those stubborn hairs. Whatever your budget or preference, there’s bound to be a set that’s right for you.

Review: Sciton Laser Hair Remover

There are a large number of advantages that can be found with Sciton lasers. They prove to be less dangerous to the skin than some other laser systems. This is possible because the Sciton utilizes a chilling plate made of sapphire through which it fires laser beams.

Electrolysis and Dealing With the Side Effects

Electrolysis is very popular form of hair removal. However, there are some side effects that you should be aware of. However, using topical creams can reduce these side effects and make the procedure more bearable.

Waxing Legs, Face, Back and Chest for Men

Today, many men are having waxing hair removal treatments to get rid of excess or annoying/embarrassing hair. It is very normal to see that men are waxing their facial areas in order to have a smooth appearance for a longer period of time. Many athletes often wax certain areas since they believe that it may help with their performance. Body builders are one group of men well known for waxing their chest and legs. They do this to uncover their muscles and make them stand out clearer.

Laser Hair Removal – How Much Does It Cost?

Interested in laser hair removal? Find out how much laser hair removal really costs.

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