Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Routine! Reacting with Pro Makeup Artist @MakeupByNikkiLaRose

Finally it's the four in one always Optimus Prime I see her setting spray Her setting spray is not to come out Which I like a lot I know you do that I'm like so many times you're a Stan I Are you team Selena hi everyone welcome Back you can see I have Nikki with me hi That is because we are taking a look at Selena Gomez's makeup routine I never React to makeup routines but I recently Got a comment on one of my Facebook Videos that was on a completely Different topic it was actually on my Sephora haul somebody commented that I Was a bully because I reacted to Haley Bieber's skincare routine last year Before any of this like made up drama That seems to be going on about them I Reacted to Haley Bieber skincare routine And because of that I must be a bully so I feel like we can even the playing Field here by reacting to Selena Gomez As well and it's because I am not a Makeup professional I brought my makeup Pro I'm so ready yeah I'm so ready we're Gonna watch her get ready with Selena Gomez her spring rare routine so Obviously this is going to have a lot of Rare Beauty in it as it should yep you Ready I'm ready okay all right we're Rolling Hi guys get ready with me to do Absolutely nothing at my house I love you getting ready for nothing

Because there's almost no way to find The time to film if you're actually Getting ready for something that you've Got to get out the door for yeah because You don't want to have that time limit I Do it but it's very stressful and it Gives me a lot of things to say yeah Soda recommend it first I'm going to Start with my Illuminating primer it's My favorite primer we have one that's Kind of more matte and this one is very Fun and annoy I like to use my hands to Apply it [Music] That kind of gives you the psych Let me pull up the ingredients real Quick I recently became a huge fan of a Product really yes I'm a huge fan of our Product I think it is beautiful and it Does a great job of priming your skin And I'm not a big primer person like I Don't know if you know that by now but I'm not a huge fire person and that one Is beautiful well I'll tell you why First off this is because this is a skin Care product the way it's being Formulated is with skin care sort of in Mind but just thinking about how makeup Products are going to sit on it a lot of Time when we think about primers we Think about like the silicone-based Primers that have lots of film formers a Lot of people associate the silicone With the film formers but a lot of the

Time it's powders that are making it Have that like powdery kind of like a Velvet yeah And that's to keep your skin looking a Little bit more matte this does not have Silicone in it and it doesn't have those Types of ingredients that really give You that filmy yeah you know that Texture just explains why I like it you Just nailed it why I like it yeah and my First impression when I first swiped it On my skin I was like wow this feels Amazing like I was like I was blown away By the feeling of it and I did not feel Like that traditional primer I'm gonna Throw We do not know what skincare products She put on first I'm gonna assume she Put some sunscreen on she does have Lupus and I feel like anybody with some Kind of an autoimmune disease especially With lupus it makes your skin sensitive To the Sun so I assume she put on some Sunscreen before but she also said she's Not going anywhere so there are that's True you know you gotta like give it a Break but usually you would put on your Sunscreen before your primer yeah I mean You would do all your skincare you do Your serums whatever like products You're gonna prep your skin with you do Your primer is always going to be your Final step in your skin prep next I'm Going to use my positive light Tinted

Moisturizer which is one of my favorite Products we've ever done You can put it on your hands if you want I'm going to use my foundation brush [Music] What I love about the Tilted moisturizer As well Is that it has a little SPF in it super Easy two in one well you can always do Tomorrow okay I'll save my thoughts Let's hear what your thoughts are on This Foundation it's a beautiful Straightforward just good solid formula I mean I have more oily skin I also wear A ton of products like skincare products Underneath and I was able to wear this Product go to work for like 12 hours Came home and I was I wasn't a hot mess Really I was like I wasn't like no it Wasn't dripping off my skin and Typically like if I you know tried a Tinted moisturizer for the first time I Paired it with all like my my sunscreen And all those things I would be it would Be dripping off of me but this state put Really well but I have a feeling it's Also because of the way I said it and The way I actually applied it to my skin One thing I wish that she would do is Maybe be a little more like Thoughtful with her tapping motion like Her application her blending skills Because it was kind of it seemed a Little like haphazard like swipey swipey

Blendy blendy but if she like really Pat It in and then Blended out the edges I Think she'd get a really nice finish I Want to point out that she you know Mentioned it has SPF in it it has only SPF 20. that to me is not enough Protection at all like to me the minimum Is SPF 30. I actually prefer SPF 50 and The other problem I have is that this is In a makeup product and when you're Applying makeup you're not covering your Face enough to actually get that even That level of protection so she's not Even getting probably an SPF 20 Protection if anything it's just in There to like help like in case you did Swipe off some of your original Sunscreen it's nice to know you've got a Little bit of a backup buffer so what Would be the proper technique slowing it Down like I said slowing it down being More intentional so take your whole face Into consideration so look at the areas Of your face that you want the most Coverage you want to start in those Areas I think that's like the best way Best rule of thumb start and this is Like you know without getting into too Much detail yeah start your application In the area of your face so you feel Like you need the most coverage so if Let's say it's right here in like you Know around your inner cheeks start in a Stippling motion stipple stipple stipple

You want to like really stamp and press That product into your skin the only Areas I think it's beneficial to use a Blending and like a buffing motion is When you get towards the Outer Perimeter Of your face so like your jawline you Want your makeup to be diffused as you Get towards the outer portion of your Face because it will look more natural Concealer probably the most underrated Product from rare I love myself All right I know everybody has opinions On how to do everyone has opinions on How to do the right concealer way I Really I don't know this is just how What I do and I hope for the best Whatever you know I'm gonna put a little On my lid and then I'm gonna use media To brush concealer brush I just want to Throw out there with the technique that She's doing I'm gonna assume she learns From her makeup artist and I know that One of her makeup artists is one of my Favorites that's hung hung manga oh yes He's amazing who cares like what Technique everybody else is doing she's Probably learning some really great Techniques mostly celebrities that you See it so funny like a lot of their Techniques when you watch them they come From their makeup artists and they learn From Yeah I mean case in point but it's true Like these celebrities and they talk

About too they they say like oh I Learned this from this makeup artist I Learned this from my long-standing Makeup artist and it's really cool to See that because you know a lot of them Do have some pretty decent techniques Because of that you know the celebrities Yeah for sure they learn a lot they Learn a lot on set I'm gonna circle around [Music] Almost done Next I'm using you know here's the thing Have you tried that concealer so I Haven't tried that concealer I actually Wanted to buy it but the color that I Saw was going to work for me has been Sold out for the longest time so I gave Up temporarily but the next product that She's going to use the eye brightener I Have on right now I wear it every single Day love it I love it let's get to that One She needs it she needs it you would love It okay okay I believe you I believe you But what I got a certain technique what About her technique okay this is where I'm going to be like a little more Diplomatic I'm just gonna say this works For her and you know it works for her Because she doesn't have dark circles Right I I felt like she didn't even need Concealer to be honest like she's got Beautiful skin her skin is impeccable

Like she's she's Flawless you know but The way she applied it it worked for her Because She doesn't have much to cover up if Anything to be quite honest and so the Way she put it on dot dot dot that's Totally fine nothing wrong with that but The way she blended it out she really Did blend it I out and off And for someone like let's say you know Someone's watching this and they have Dark circles and they're using her Technique don't use her technique Because it's not going to work for you You're going to eliminate all your Coverage you're gonna buff it off with That motion so let's say she had dark Circles and she did the dot dot dot Which is totally fine I'd rather see her Take her excellent concealer Brush by The way and good to know excellent she's Got excellent brushes and I'd rather see Her do a Patty motion and press that in Where she needs the most coverage and Then when she gets towards the outer Part where she wants to be like a little More light a little more Airy then she Could buff it out diffuse there diffuse It thank you diffuse is that good word That you used to use diffuse yes all Right let's see this amazing eyebrow I Love this stuff so much next I'm using My positive light under eye brightener I Am so excited about this it is really

Really fun but this is the cool part it Has a cooling metal tip that you can use As you I've seen you talk about this Okay [Music] Oh it feels so nice this is really good For de-puffing and getting you know the Circulation going oh so pretty not gonna Lie when I was testing this product out I've kind of just wore that and that's It I'm going to use my thickeners I feel Like she said what you basically were Saying like she didn't really need to Put the concealer she said she just used This while they were while they were in Like the formulation she was trying out Yeah yeah so she just applied it kind of In this area she said like in specific Areas so that's where she is she's Insinuating she's got bags there well She said you know it helps with De-puffing and the cooling the metal Wand it's just naturally is cool because It's metal but so if she's using it for That reason like for the reason they're Like de-puffing her under eyes and it Feels soothing then she should reverse The order because she would have gotten Much better benefits like de-puffing Benefits if she could have gone in on More of like a bare skin like without That concealer there first and then Really buffed it in and buffed it in Because when she was doing that motion

She was really just breaking up that Concealer these are totally Interchangeable I think it's going to be A matter of like you know how you're Going to use it so in her case like She's using that now she's trying to De-puff she's like trying to get that Soothing motion but it has some color to It oh it does and I've actually used This this is why I love it so much I Have dark circles not gonna lie I've Never found an under eye brightener like A specific brightener that's actually Giving me coverage and brightening at The same time this I can like Walk out with just that and like Tinted Moisturizer and I feel good like I feel Great oh it doesn't crease it's just a Really solid formula do you need to buy Both though I don't think that she needs both Because from what I can see in this Video you know like there's filters and There's lighting and stuff but to me it Doesn't look like she has dark circles At all she doesn't even look puffy which Is great for her for someone who does Have dark circles and like this is a Problem area yeah I would definitely do Both because I use both I'll use that With a more High coverage concealer when I want to be Flawless under my eyes next Is my warm wishes bronzer I love this Product and I really love all the videos

That you guys have been showing me and Tick Tock about it makes me so happy I Just go with the flow of things and I do Two little dots there don't ask me why I Love the dots I just do And then I like to do a little right There Beautiful snatch [Music] It's cute what I look forward to most is Oh I love the weather I love the people I love the food Essentially I think I want to live here Forever But okay Blending it all in [Music] What do you think one of that bronzer Have you used it love it it's amazing Okay I just I hate myself because I when I bought it I purchased totally the Wrong color for me how about her Application the dog that was fine oh the Dots are cute that's totally fine I do Wish you would have brought something in The center of her face because the Center of her face is looking really Fair maybe she will later on but you Know you if you do the whole outside Your face and you leave the center bare If you look like you're just missing Something literally you're missing like He made like a like you're contouring This whole area right you're shading it

And you're warming it up then you're Leaving the whole Center of your face Just nothing tying it in yeah well You're not like making all those Features stand out also yeah Stand out yeah there's nothing defining It there's nothing warming it up finding That's the word maybe she'll put her Blush in the center I don't know we'll Find out next is my soft punch liquid Blush this one has been a favorite and I Want to say thank you guys so much for Using it and loving it as much as I love It because it is one of my favorite Products I keep saying that about Everything so I'm sorry but really proud Of mine [Music] Very little if you've never tried my Blush I have my liquid blush I would Just encourage to do one dot and you'll See why Right there You're super pigmented [Music] Okay so that blush yes so many things I Have so many things to say about this Say it I first of all I love this blush I think it deserves all the hype that it Gets online I think it's a very valid Product so I think anyone who Raves About it there's a reason why it's raved About and also I want to say too kudos To Selena and the whole rare Beauty

Brand for giving the world a product That they will never run out of you'll Never run out of this blush so They're never gonna get a repeat Customer because I'm gonna die before I Run out of my rare Beauty blush they Don't want to hear that It's the truth it is so pigmented the Formulation is so beautiful I don't care That was an amazing product she's like Kudos to the team for caring about People or the Everlasting it is blushes Literally the Everlasting Golf Shop stop Was it the Everlasting Gobstopper I Can't see it way too big of a tongue Twister for me it is just so pigmented It's such a great product but wow you Literally have to do a little a dollar a Little Dot and that is more than enough For your whole face like literally to go Across your nose to get to the other Side like that's all you need I like the Way she Blended I don't know if you Noticed she kind of switched up her Blending technique she did a little more Like a padding motion which you really Need to do with this blush because it is Very liquidy literally it's a liquid Blush and so if you go in you try to Blend it out right away it's gonna go Everywhere so you really have to kind of Keep it confined to one spot that you Want it in which is going to be your Cheeks and then you blend out the edge

Next I'm really really really excited About this one it is my positive light Silky highlighter it's so pretty and It's in the pebble form which is Favorites it's so cute and gorgeous I Love this it's so good you guys it's I'm I just I can't all right okay I'm too Excited but also we all start coming out With this little brush So pretty oh you can't help it I'm too Excited A little here and I'm gonna keep putting It everywhere okay I'm gonna stop yeah So that product is like You can see it from another planet oh It's so glowy but it's so I I love silky Powder highlight very and I love that Powder highlighters like good powder Highlighters are making a comeback Because it's like reminiscent of 2014. You know what I mean like yeah this is I'm sorry this is better but no it's It's incredible it is like Beaming literally it's like beaming I Love that little brush they came out With I think that's a I want that brush I want it to I don't have it I want it Next is my brow Harmony shade The Fill Duo I love this product so much because It's just really fun with all the little Gadgets and another little spoolie first I'm gonna start by brushing up my brows [Music] We love a good brow ah she brushed up

Her brows are you proud of her I'm so Proud I'm actually stunned because I Think I was watching that with my mouth Open to me Yeah good for her yeah yeah well tell Everybody why you think that's important To do you have to like pre-groom your Brows it's like you have to brush your Hair before you cut it yeah or like or You should you know because it kind of Gets it pliable and movable and all that Stuff it's the same same thing goes with Your brows brush them out groom them I am going to place the brush into the Product sorry guys I'm in a weird weird Weird what I love about this product Honestly it's super easy but um I kind Of start halfway through the brow [Music] Only take it out Oh yeah Okay smart of her to start in the center She probably learned that from a makeup Artist too I don't know I could be wrong I could be wrong that is a great Starting point literally to start in the Center or like towards like the end well That's where your brows should be the The most dense right yeah yeah you know It's it's a more flattering way Traditionally to have your brows be a Little bit lighter as as you get to the Inner corner of the brow and then darker As you get to the outer Corner yeah that

Does make sense to me it's good that she Started in that way she actually has a Great I have not tried this product but I have tried the double ended brow Pencil it's like a pencil with a tinted Brow gel on the end I actually love that Brow Gel really yes it was a learning Curve for me at first with that one but I love it I I wear it almost every Single day so she actually took that Product and just kind of brushed it Through the arch going to the end of her Brows it would even out her brows more She should pick that up she should try Her own product next is my perfect Strokes mascara this has been such a Cool like experience with mascara Because I'm not great at that kind of Um liking a lot of mascara because it Always falls under my eyes and it drives Me crazy very proud of this because it's Not waterproof but might as well I'm not going to do anything under my Eye because that's more of like let's go Out party I feel like that was like a that's like The you hate that right like it's just Like a little bit blotchy like here and There yeah she could have done it well Here okay I love that mascara I was told By so many people I can't even count to Try that mascara everybody has gone on My case to try mascara and I was like How could it be that good you know

There's no way whatever like yeah I like Shine them on I finally tried it I am Obsessed with that mascara she should be So proud of that mascara because it is Bomb I don't have one bomb I don't have One critique for it she's right it does Not fall it does not smudge at all it Doesn't flake one coat if you do it Right looks like three not kidding you I well go to Sephora and I'm not like This video I I'm I'm just I go hard for products that work really Well like this product works amazing I'm Buying this and the brightener oh I'm Gonna Make You I like right I'm going to Make you buy onto I'm not Even going to wait to go to the store I'm gonna add these things to your cart Done next is my kind words lip liner all Right now everybody has a different Technique I like to go a little over Just a little bit okay Fill it in Pretty this color is talented [Music] That was pretty I really want the Lipstick she's got a great technique Yeah you know the thing about lip liner It's hard to talk about someone applying Their lip liner because like whether It's like a raw technique or if she can Improve it unless it's like dramatically Like bad like just really really bad Just a completely a complete mess unless

It's like that lip linger is so personal It's like to age their own what works For somebody may not work for you like She likes lips lips are so personal I Can't stress enough like yeah so if you Like your lips look a certain way go for It so I in that regard I think she did a Great job I think she made her lips look Beautiful I love that she said she Overlines them a little bit go for it Like you only live once yeah over line Your lips if you want to but I want side Note I want that lipstick I that's that Color's been sold out too yeah that Color is right up my alley too it is I Love that kind of a color that is like We'll both get it today yeah we'll get It we'll get it you know I want to point Out she didn't do eye shadow Oh my gosh she didn't no because I see That she was missing did she do eyeliner Too no eyeliner no eyeliner no eyeshadow So this was like a very natural unless She saves it to the very end maybe but I See I see her setting spray is about to Come out which I like a lot I know you Do that I'm like so many times you're a Stan I are you team Selena I didn't Expect to love her makeup brand so much But I just can't get over the I'm sorry The price point the quality even the Pack everything about it it's like I Love a makeup brand that's that gives You what they say they're gonna give you

I hate it when people over promise this And the world and stars and the moon Like no just give me like something a Great straightforward makeup product and I will be your stand forever wait I do Want to throw out there though so she Put concealer on her eyelids and then Didn't use powder powder or anything Like that what do you think about that What should I put eyeshadow or anything She should still set her eyelids because Natural really unless you I mean most of Us have oily eyelids even dry skin People that I encounter have oily Eyelids most of us Exceptions yeah and our eyelids are Constantly moving so unfortunately that Concealer that you put on it's going to Be a Creasy mess later unless the Setting spray no that's not good she's Gonna have that little line yeah and Even worse so she has hooded eyes it's Actually travel into her eye so set it Set it okay noted no not with just spray Not with just spray yeah okay she could Have just even gone in like really Quickly with like she's got a loose Powder just dust a little loose powder On finally it's the four in one always Optimus Prime it is so nice you make Sure you shake it and we're gonna set it [Music] Guys I think that's it I have a hot date With some ramen noodles and a good movie

Thanks for getting ready with me and I Hope you guys enjoy all of the products And I would love to see I love seeing You guys through your own style Everything that you guys come up with That actually is super inspiring for me And I will see you guys soon Okay one thing cute well what what her Makeup looks so beautiful I think it's a Beautiful clean classic look yeah so let Me just say this is that like lip color All that like pulls it all together I'm Literally I'm going to buy the lip color Tonight if it's not sold out if she took Her liquid eyeliner her perfect Strokes Liquid liner that I am also a sandwich And if she just pulled her eye if she's Still like a little cat eye pair with The no eyeshadow look it would have been Perfection oh my gosh so beautiful I Mean I'm a big fan of that pretty she's So pretty she's so pretty she could put Anything on it I'd be like that was so Pretty yeah she's so pretty but in terms Of like finishing it you know if she Just put that eyeliner that's a Phenomenal formula yeah I sound like a Spokesperson but I'm not Sheila rare Beauty I am the sponsored I buy everything out of pocket which I'm Happy and so any other final notes Nikki I don't think so I mean I mean we just Found out that Nikki's like a huge thing Yeah I feel like I can't say anything

Else about her beauty because I've Already just she's like I've openly Admitted that I'm a huge fan for life so Without fangirling too much harder I Just wish you would change some of her Techniques when she's applying her Products but but also her techniques Were very realistic oh super yeah listen I mean not everyone's a pro maker bars Okay yeah there's no shade in that I Just yeah it would be more helpful she Changed up her techniques just in some Of those products but yeah when she said That you know she's proud of you know Her makeup and stuff she should be proud Of this brand Well you guys thank you so much for Watching this video if you have any Questions you can leave them in the Comments below if you want to find Nikki Larose she has all over social media Oversoever she even has her YouTube Channel I do I do I'm so proud of you It's my baby I feel like people are Learning so much I get comments now Where people are like thank you for Introducing me to Nikki Larose I still Get comments all the time like I found You through Susan oh well we you know we Go together like I'm not surprised Peanut butter and jelly Yeah if you want to be you want to be Peanut butter jelly I like peanut butter She wants to be the peanut butter I'll

Be this I'll be the sweet one Oh I'm sweet too you beat the salty one You also have a video on your YouTube Channel I do it's brand new practically Full face of it is a full face now that We know that she's a Stan yeah she is Not sponsored and she is not receiving PR which I have to change I am not I Spent some pretty penny on that video Yeah but it was worth every dollar Perfect well go watch that we'll leave It in the description as well yeah Thanks so much for watching Everybody Bye [Music]

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