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Hair Color – The Revolution

Some say that coloring hair increases the number of grey hairs and damages it. People with sensitive skin either have to take extreme precautions or avoid coloring their hair all together. Some have even stuck to the older, more herbal hair dyes, claiming that even though they do not last that long,

5 Reasons Why Pumpkin Can Help Improve Your Skin

Pumpkin provides many health benefits for both inside and out of the body. This article details some of the most important benefits pumpkin can have on your skin.

Lip Plump That Works Best

This article provides you with various tips and suggestions on how to find the lip plumper that is most suited for you. It explains the various ingredients used in the product and how they affect your skin.

Does Idol Lash Work?

Discover what’s behind all the hype about Idol Lash. Find out if this eyelash growth serum makes the grade and can deliver all that it claims to. From clinical studies to real world users the truth may shock you.

Using Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Colors in Handmade Soap

Food, Drug, and Cosmetic colors are made in a lab, so no, these are not a product that you will find on the shelf marked “Natural.” Having said that, they have a huge pallet of colors to choose from. Any color you can imagine. The website tells us that a color additive is, “any dye, pigment or substance which when added to a drug, food or cosmetic, or to the human body, is capable (Alone or through reactions with other substances) of imparting color.” The US Food and Drug Administration is responsible for the regulation of all color additives for safety and labeling of food, drug and cosmetics.

When Tresses Fall Flat – Simple Tips to Add Volume to Your Tired Strands

It is common for damaged hair to lie flat, losing all bounce and shine that it once possessed. This may seem alarming to you when it happens on your head, and hair treatments offered on store shelves may not do the trick. You can definitely use product to add some temporary volume to your hair, but you will need something more substantial to undo the damage and permanently revive your tresses.

Causes Of Oily Scalp and Hair?

This is a question many people with oily scalp ask themselves. They may even question their personal hygiene despite showering and washing their hair daily.

Ways to Remove Your Facial Hair (For Women)

If you are a woman then having facial hair can be a highly embarrassing and unpleasant thing. Facial hair is caused by testosterone and for this reason, along with the conventions of society, we associate it very much with masculine traits. The lips and mouth meanwhile are one of the most elegant and alluring parts of a woman potentially, and especially if they are full and painted in lipstick or lip gloss.

Understanding the Reviews of Best Lip Plumpers

The cosmetics industry is one which is continuously innovating. One of the recent products to enter the industry is the lip plumper. This article explains what you need to look for when you read the reviews of the available brand in the market.

8 Effective Tips For Shinier Hair

No one should be surprised by the fact that one of the biggest complaints women have concerning hair care focuses on the lack of shinier hair. When one considers the massive amount of time that we spend engaged in washing, coloring, drying and styling our hair even over a year, never mind considering a lifetime, it is amazing that we have any hair at all. Our hair endures more strain and stress than perhaps any other part of the body. In this article we will look at 8 ways to ensure shiner hair.

Surgi-Care Hair Removal Products Review

Surgi-Care, another one of Ardell’s glamour masterpieces, is one of the most popular waxing agents in the United States and a favorite around the globe. With an extensive line of hair-removal products, Surgi-Care skin care products are sold over the counter in retail stores around the world, available to every woman trying to stay beautiful on a budget.

Nori Nutrition and Your Hair – A Union for Happy Healthy Hair!

Growing long healthy hair is a simple task with a proper hair care routine and by eating healthier foods that aid in hair growth. Although many feel long healthy hair is only for those lucky few, that is a myth. Anyone can grow their hair long and eating iron-rich foods is one of the best ways to do it!

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