Smooth Frizzy Hair With These 2 Hair Products! | Susan Yara

I never really show you guys my bed head But I wanted to show you this because I Think this is actually really nice bed Head and I want to share why because I'm I'm really I'm so impressed my hair is Naturally wavy so when I go to sleep if I sweat a little bit and then I wake up In the morning I'll at least have like You know like funny things happening Here like that you know like frizzies And everything happening but today I Woke up and my hair Was so smooth I washed my hair with the Briogeo color me brilliant shampoo and Conditioner because I've been using them For a while I'm going to be doing a Partnership with them so I've been Testing out their products then I put This on and I noticed that this briogeo Color me brilliant mushroom and bamboo Color protect primer really made my hair Feel nice so that was one of the first Things that I noticed I was using just a Little bit because the instructions say Don't use a lot just a little bit run it Through your hair and then I was blow Drying my hair and I was noticing my Hair was already looking really smooth And pretty from using this and then for All my flyaways I was using this usually I'll use like an oil to smooth out the Ends of my hair and then I just use Hairspray or something for my flyways But that was why I bought this a Crown

Affair finishing gel this combo has been Amazing amazing I didn't want to jump The gun and start recommending this to You guys because I'd only used it a Couple of times but yesterday I went and Had lunch right at the beach like right Next to the beach so my hair technically Should have gotten really really frizzy And I realize that this is working so Normally I use this when my hair is Still a little bit damp right before I Blow dry and I want to show you the Texture of it really quick Very light it's almost like a like an Emulsion serum you see that just put a Little bit through my hair which I'm Just gonna do it right now anyway you're Not supposed to it's supposed to be down Here but I don't want to waste it And it protects your hair color while It's also nourishing your hair I have This growth right here and normally it Would just be frizzy like I would wake Up normally and it'd be like all right So I just touched up the waves I'm Leaving it messy up here on purpose Because I want to show you How I use this Crown Affair the Finishing gel so I don't use a lot of Either product I don't use a lot that's What I think is blowing my mind right Now so I just take it and I run it Through the ends of my hair and it's not Heavy at all it smells beautiful both

Products smell Beautiful So I just go like this Smooth it and then look I don't know why I have to do sound Effects I'm a mom And everything has like a sound effect These days and if I have some more Flyaways just a little bit more I'll Just Smooth it and they stay down I'm usually One of those people if you see me out in Public My hair's like like all the little baby Hairs are sticking up like this after I Blow dry So good reminder I've been using the Color Me brilliant shampoo and Conditioner as well so that could also Be having an impact on how my hair is Feeling because it feels really soft and Super healthy right now but I'm still Trying those out because I also want to See how they keep my color like how they Keep my color vibrant I'm actually going To get my hair Um touched up my hair color touched up And then try them again as well to just See how it works another review is Coming of the complete set of the Briogeo Color Me brilliant products but As of right now this combination So good These two game changers for me right now I can't believe it

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