Testing non-toxic nail polish💅

I'm back with my nail polish and I'm Ready to paint my nails after two months It is quite pricey at 14.99 Euros but Luckily I got it on sale so 3 Euros less It was 11.99 still quite a lot for a Nail polish first thing that I noticed Right off the bat is that the applicator Is very tiny that being said the Polish Was still easy to apply I like the Consistency it looks quite streaky at First but when it dries the streaks kind Of disappear and this color is not meant To be opaque so even after two coats It's still a bit sheer it's more of that French manicure type of shade however I Wanted to test a couple of other Shades So I went back to the store picked up Two more colors a dark blue called tar And hot pink named alley whoa this is Something else such an even layer Completely streak free in one swipe Let's see the pink one too again so Potent so even no streaks let's add Another coat OMG complete opacity I'm Positively surprised the only complaint Is a thin brush and lack of Shades I Love at least at my store

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