I think this eyeliner hack might blow Your mind surprisingly not many people Know about it why is not everyone doing This all right we're gonna need a piece Of paper and a Sharpie I'm scared don't Be here's what we're gonna do cut the Paper paint it with the Sharpie or you Can just use black paper create a line Along your lashes and then stick the Wing and that's how you get your Futuristic 3D winked eyeliner look you Can even see it from the side Danny what is this hear me out I have an Idea and it's a bad one we can make this As long as we want I don't see anyone Here trying to stop making it I don't Want this to sound like a threat but I'm Gonna do it We can make it as curvy as we want the Possibilities are endless hey you want a Real challenge always make a butterfly I winged it look at that look at that it Looks so cool when I'm blinking it's Such a pretty that I can't see it cause I'm blinking I'm gonna see the recording And this one is my favorite eyeliner Ever

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