Short Hair Styles Info

Women’s Short Hair styles. Talking about the different kinds as well as finding the one for you.

Eating Your Way to More Beautiful Skin

As we all know, a skin care regimen for both morning and night is essential to keep skin youthful and beautiful. But what many tend to forget is that their diet is just as important as any topical treatment.

Brow Waxing FAQs

Can Men Get Their Eyebrows Waxed? Brow waxing just isn’t for women these days. Women aren’t the only ones who care about how they look and how they present themselves.

Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint Review

Let us face it, when it comes to eyebrow tint, it is quite a risky business as small mistakes can lead to big problems. It also seems like buying the correct eyebrow tint is one big guessing game, I mean seriously just imagine you get the wrong one and you end up with stained skin, the completely wrong eyebrow colour to go with your hair.

Wax Arms to Receive Smooth, Glowing Summer Skin

Individuals with sensitive skin often have a hard time gaining the courage to attempt a wax based hair removal. Arms or legs are a good area for any person wanting to jump into the waxing process. Those who are new to such treatments should be careful of the products choose and how they perform the application process.

10 Minutes to a Cellulite Free Life

Ancient natural cupping treatment gets rid of cellulite naturally in just 10 minutes a day. New massage cupping technology makes it easy and affordable in the comfort of your own home.

Roux Temporary Hair Color Review

Roux Hair Color is one of Revlon’s most popular professional hair color brands. They offer superior coloring products for every need and hair type.

Chest Waxing Side Effects: What Precautions a Bride Should Take

Women always want to look and feel their best on their wedding day. One constant source of insecurity among women is excess body hair. It is no surprise many women choose various methods of waxing to take care of problem areas before their big day.

What Questions Might One Have When Arm Waxing?

Brides have a lot to think about in the weeks leading up to their wedding. Where will she find the right dress? Who should be on the guest list?

Why Is the Tweezerman Tweezer the Best?

It doesn’t matter if you are shaping and grooming or just getting that pesky little hair out of somewhere that it shouldn’t be, everyone needs a good pair of good tweezers. We have all had the dime store version of tweezers, and they are worth just that, a dime. Lets upgrade to a Tweezerman tweezer and see the difference.

Saw Palmetto Helps Get Thicker Brow Appearance

A lab study supports Saw Palmetto as an active agent that reverses signs of brow baldness and promotes revitalizing the brow hair to give users the look of thicker, fuller eyebrows. Saw palmetto is a plant whose ripe fruit is used to make medicinal products. Saw palmetto comes from a small palm tree native to the eastern United States.

Feather Hair Extensions That Don’t Kill

Hair feathers are cool accessories that add style to your hair. But the process of making them is brutal.

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