There’s no such thing as dry scalp? #Dermatologist answers hair care questions!

So people with dry scalp they talk a lot About flakiness and dandruff and just All of the different things that you Hear that might be going on with your Scalp what information do you have for People with dry scalp it's funny that You bring this up because I was on a Full like a Facebook Forum the other Night I'm part of a big group of Board-certified dermatologists across The country where we share interesting Cases and we ask interesting clinical Questions and we all discuss based on Our personal experience research Etc and One of the questions was have you ever Found a patient that truly has a dry Scalp or is it that they actually have Seborrheic dermatitis or inflammation of The scalp that makes their scalp appear Dry or have symptoms of dryness like Flakiness and nobody said they had Actually truly encountered a dry scalp And that it really is all seborrheic Dermatitis it would be yeah it would be Really weird to have a dry scalp unless You have a condition that you have Diffuse body dryness as well but in General most people don't have a dry Scalp it's one of the highest density of Oil glands on your whole body

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