Forget about the old-fashioned ways of Making yourself cry like cutting onions I like beef with onions but onions have A beef with my eyes I found something That will make you cry even when your Heart doesn't want to this is a tear Stick yeah it's tears in a form of us They use this in movies on actors I just Need to apply it under my eyes and wait For a few seconds this is like magic but Instead of bunnies coming out of hats It's tears coming out of my eyes guys This Burns I broke it my tear ducts are Not happy this is perfect for winning Arguments I'm fine I promise oh just Burns forget about what I said about Onions they're so much more gentle than This my personal crying assistant I Probably applied a little too much this Is so real because it also creates snots I know too much information but it's an Honest review I'm having such a Wonderful time right now doesn't look Like it look at my eyeliner and my my Mascara they're so dramatic it's a 10 Out of 10 from me I love it why do I Look drunk

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