This Foundation shade was supposed to Match my skin tone but instead it Matches my teeth hold on I need my Eyebrows where are they I found them Something is not right half of them are Still missing I thought maybe we can do Some blue Contour smart is that you Nah that kind of looks like Squidward It's the same picture huh stupid you Guys I'm just feeling a little blue I'm Blue Maybe a little eyeliner it can make you Feel better maybe Look huh Uh What happened what happened what is this Eyeliner um it looks like it smudged a Little a little a lot really Nose hairs extensions okay that's genius You're living in the future get out get Out I got inspired by this photo on Instagram I was bored and feeling bold What else I was supposed to do this was The safest option I had you can't tell Me that this and this is the same person I don't believe it

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