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Shampoo Ingredients: What Really Works?

We all want healthy, shiny, more manageable hair. The question is which magic ingredients in your shampoo or conditioner will deliver the results? The hair care industry know you want more for your hair and each company works hard to convince you that their unique product is the only one to solve your problem. This article helps sort some of the hype from reality of what hair styling products can and, more often, can’t do for your hair.

Philips Lumea SC2001/00 IPL – Do Not Buy Until You Have Read This Review

Many women have spent many years of anxiety about their unwanted hair problems. Waxing and shaving temporarily and painfully solves them in the short term but laser treatment is much more effective and longer lasting. But visits to the salon are expensive. With home laser hair removal treatment now being made affordable, we have reviewed the popular Philips Lumea SC2001/00 IPL system and give our thumbs up recommendation to this great piece of equipment that will help reduce some of the real misery some women have with their hair problems.

Easy Ponytail – Tips to Ponytail Your Hair the Right and Healthy Way

A ponytail could be the simplest organic hairstyle that you can do. Time passes for that kind of style. It’s really a flexible hairstyle you could decorate or even straight down any way you like. The following is my personal comprehensive solution to produce a fairly ponytail.

Laser Skin Treatment: Not Only for Vanity

The improvements in lasers today are quite amazing. They definitely are a part of supermarket bar code scanners, laser printers and compact disk players. With this form of advanced technology, surgeons are able to perform procedures using photons rather than scalpels and also with lasers, ophthalmologists are able to repair detached retinas.

Tanning Beds Linked to Melanoma

Indoor tanning devices have been linked to an increase risk of melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. According to the study done at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and the Masonic Cancer Center, people using any type of tanning bed for any amount of time, are 74% likely to develop melanoma.

Beauty Tips – For Glowing Skin

There are many beauty tips available in online. I like to know something more about the secrets of beauty. Our face speaks about our mind. The secret of beauty is keeping our mind leisure, clean and happy, along with this we have to follow some mind relaxing exercises such as meditation or yoga. If we do meditation our mind will get relax and so we can not get anger and tension soon.

Study Proves Eyelash Growth Miracle Product Works

If you could have longer fuller darker eyelashes for $3 a day wouldn’t you give it a try? What if the results were guaranteed and backed by clinical laboratory testing – now we are talking a sure thing! What women wouldn’t desire longer thicker fuller eyelashes?

Top Ten Beauty Must-Haves 2010

Most of us have favourite items that we just don’t like to leave the house without in our office we get loads of hints about beauty products that we should be adding to our must-haves lists! If you would like a sneaky peek into the handbags of some of the girls then read on for top ten items we can’t live without.

Is There Such a Thing As Seasonal Bridal Makeup?

As a professional makeup artist, I am constantly asked if there is really such a thing as seasonal bridal makeup. The answer is quite simple, Yes! Forget about what you were told looks good on you and what “season” you are by a beauty consultant. Bridal makeup is an entirely different story and careful consideration should be taken with every detail of your wedding, including your bridal makeup.

A Real Review About Hydroxatone

All of us women are looking for the best and number one rated skin cream. We want the wrinkles that cover our face to go away. We want to feel 20 years younger even though some of us are grandparents. After doing my own research to find the perfect anti-wrinkle cream, I came across a product that shocked me because it actually works.

The Services Of A Hair Colourist

The work of a hair colourist is one of the many creative careers in our society. The hair colourist works on the hair colours to create the looks and images that clients wish and require. Through the different hair colour application, techniques and shades, the colourist can create fantastic hair creations. Working on our hair’s colour is the main service which a hair colourist can provide.

Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Any style for medium hair is much more versatile compared to the ones that have been solely incorporated for the other two types. Hairstylists from all over the world have come up with hairdos that have been designed only by bending and twisting one style to achieve the other.

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