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Tips on How to Get the Perfect Shave

When you feel confident your lather is good and your face is prepped, start cutting. Make sure you have a clean razor and a relatively fresh blade. I advise against using the same blade for more than three shaves. If we’re talking straight razor shaving you probably know about daily stropping already. A few tips: the safety razor, or the double edge (DE) razor is currently gaining ground among shaving enthusiasts.

Tips on How to Make an Excellent Shaving Lather

In the past years wet shaving has known a tremendous increase in popularity. This occured mostly because of the entire trend is leaning towards the vintage. However, after the first hundred or so were converted, they attested the results to have surpassed their highest expectation in terms of comfort and quality. Hence, the next few thousand that followed were a great catalyst for a lot of companies that were near bankruptcy to improve on their products and actually prosper. Not to mention the other dozens who emerged following the same pattern: the fashionable gentleman needs his needs attended. So all in all, wet shaving is good for the economy.

Acne Face Masks and Natural Acne Remedies

Acne is an annoying and often uncomfortable skin condition which, if not treated over the long term can leave scars. There many natural antimicrobial oils and other ingredients that are useful for combating acne causing bacteria.

Hair Removal For Men And The Fine Art Of Flaunting Your ‘Boyzilian’

While body hair removal for men has been in use since the time of Cleopatra, it lost popularity for a few thousand years. However with the rise of the ‘Metrosexual’ man it has once again become common and not a moment too soon for many women. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for men to remove unwanted body hair from the likes of their backs and shoulders, and for those men who take their personal grooming seriously, even into the pubic area and beyond.

How to Interact With Your Hairdresser and Get the Haircut or Hairstyle You Like

A bad haircut may be the worst thing you could bring home from a visit to a salon. Sometimes poor communication and understanding between you and your hairdresser contribute to this bad experience. You need to make sure that you let your hairdresser know and understand what you like. However, you also need to lend a listening ear and consider your hairdresser’s ideas on what suits you best.

The Best Hair Removal Products That You Should Use

In the quest to beauty and perfection, both men and women have tried ways to remove and get rid of unnecessary hair that grows in body areas where they don’t want them to grow. This resulted in the development and manufacture of numerous products which are now sold in markets worldwide. Some of these products became outstandingly effective, putting them on the list of the best hair removal products.

Permanent Hair Removal Methods

People look into a lasting removal solution; however, the permanent removal procedure comes at a cost. The proven procedures that provides a total permanence is the electrolysis and the permanent hair reduction which is referred by the FDA as the laser treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Tips and Advice

Laser hair removal is a method that has been experimented for twenty years before it was commercialized. It is a much better option compared with other hair removal methods like waxing, shaving or Plucking.

Model Model Wigs – Why They Are Highly Recommended

If you love your lace wigs and want to wear them more often but are tired of having to apply adhesive and then the hassle of removing the glue from your wig, Model Model lace wigs seem to be the perfect alternative. Glueless lace wigs allows you to simply pull on and remove in a flash.

How to Protect Your Hair From the Heat

Flat irons and curling irons have recently become standard in every woman’s bathroom. If not straightened, many women blow dry their hair to get the look they want.

How To Blow Dry Your Hair Without Damaging It

By following the five steps in this article, you can blow-dry your hair without damaging the ends of it too badly. In fact, your ends may even end up in better shape!

Four Things Everyone Should Know About Applying Makeup

The most effective makeup advice is the kind where you can put into action easily and immediately. Here are some simple changes you can make to your beauty routine to get better results (and look more gorgeous in your makeup) right away!

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