V-Part Glueless Curly Wig! Ft Nadula

Hello welcome to my channel Today I am going over no Della Hair Company this is everything inside the Package it came with the headband Eyelashes a bonnet Also a makeup brush and instructions on Return policy and how to take care of The wig it did come with wig caps but I Didn't really need it for this kind of Wig because this wig is a you a V part Wig This is how it came fresh from the Package it is a curly wig and I believe A 24 inch but I will link everything Down below so you know for sure Thank you My natural hair look right here I am Just parting a V part for The Parting of The wig I'm doing a smaller section because I Don't want too much hair out Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you Foreign Foreign I am going with these two braids on the Side excuse my eye it is Red from the Fresh eyelashes if you know you know so I am doing two braids on the side this Is going to be more of a protective Style even though I did already

Straighten my hair before this is about A week of my hair not being touched So this is how it looks first I'm going In with the style and then I will do the Baby hairs Foreign I want my baby hairs to be a little bit More dramatic because that is how I do My lace fronts so it's not really baby Hair it's grown hair it's a but let's go With it Excuse me And that is the final look I really hope You enjoyed the video If your hair texture matches the wig a Little bit better it will be a smaller Transaction this is how long it is I Really hope you enjoyed the video thank You for watching Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music]

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