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Best Makeup Techniques for Hooded Eyes

Here are some great techniques to use when applying makeup to hooded eyes. To help you remember what to do, follow this simple rule: darken what you see and highlight what you don’t.

Spray Tan Tips – Tips For Spray Tan Beauty

Skin tanned to a perfect tint for your body is something wonderful to behold and gives an alluring style. However, getting a standard tan from the sun opens you up to health hazards and burns. At one time, the tube tan became popular, but it left many with skin the color of an aging orange, streaked and uneven. Even celebrities have been laughed at on national television for their orange glow.

Beauty Tips For Women Over 60

As you get older, only then can you perceive your real beauty. Women, in the period they grow older and age – they crave to look beautiful as everything requires a special attention. Beauty tips for women over 60 encourage taking care of your hairstyle, erasing off the aging marks, wrinkles, and use makeup accordingly so that your appearance does not look false.

Laser Hair Removal – The Safe Way to Remove Hair

Many of us may have heard of laser hair removal, or considered it, but how much do you actually know about laser hair removal? It’s safe, effective and has amazing long term effects. If you do suffer from unwanted bodily hair and you are tired of waxing or shaving, then this could be the perfect treatment for you.

All About Male Back and Chest Waxing

Spa is no longer a woman thing; in fact more and more men are visiting spas for getting waxing services for back, chest and genital hair removal. For men going to a spa together with wife or girlfriend has become a new trend.

How to Grow Long Hair and Keep It Looking Healthy and Shiny

Beautiful, flowing tresses aren’t just for Rapunzel!  Women everywhere love the elegant look and versatility that a longer mane can give, but many wonder how they can get the look when they are dealing with so many frustrating problems that cause breakage, damage, and frizziness. If you have always wondered how to grow long hair but haven’t been able to keep it looking healthy and shiny, try out one or more of the following ideas.

Spring Nail Selections You Should Consider

With spring coming on it is time to start thinking about how you are going to celebrate the warmer weather with better nail selection. During the winter months it is very easy to get discouraged and let your nails go, but when the sun starts to come out more and the temperatures rise, you need to bloom along with the flowers and foliage. How you present your nails in public is the best way to do this.

Great Summer Hairstyles For Women

Summer is a great time to try a new hairstyle, whether it’s short, medium or long; a timeless classic cut or something fun and funky; simply adding a touch of sun kissed color with new highlights or just wearing your current hairstyle in a new and different way. Break out a fresh, confident you with a new hairstyle for summer! Here are a few ideas to help you find that perfect summer hairstyle.

Beauty Tips For Active Women

All women would like to appear beautiful and healthy at the same time. However, for active women finding the spare time to keep up their appearance and health can be a challenge. Especially for those who wish to balance their career and family life at the same time. Those 24 hours they have each day never seem enough to juggle between work and home. However, things do not have to stay that way. Staying fit and beautiful simultaneously is absolutely doable for active women everywhere.

Stay Young With Make Up Tips For Women Over 50

If you’re looking for make up tips for women over 50, you may be surprised to learn that, more importantly than how you apply your make up, proper skin care is actually the most important factor for maintaining healthy skin and a youthful appearance. There are many reasons our skin begins to show the signs as we grow older, including elemental and environmental damage.

Every Woman’s Dress Shoe Essentials

Women are known for their shoe collections. Even if you’re a woman who is not necessarily “into” the shoe thing, you still have to keep a number of pairs of shoes in your closet for specific kinds of occasions. There are a few essential womens dress shoes which every shoe rack simply must contain in order to be sure that you are ready for any occasion.

Five Beautifying Things Pain Taught Me

While suffering from “frozen shoulder,” I sought out ways to recover, minimize my pain, and also ways to stay fit, while I was unable to continue with my regular exercise routine. All this led me to discover some things that ultimately resulted in better health and fitness and more beauty!

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