What I eat to feel best at 35🍧

Starting of the day with some homemade Bone broth to which I added cooked Zucchini and carrots from the garden I'm Also having some coconut yogurt with you Guessed it raspberries no joke I'm Eating this every single day at home and I'm still not bored of it lunch is two Pieces of chicken breast and some Spinach plus green beans and chicory I Topped it with olive oil and balsamic Vinegar these type of lunches are my Favorite some protein lots of homegrown Vegetables absolutely super my family on The other hand was having polenta and Homemade tomato sauce plus a salad Everything looks so good but due to my Gut condition I cannot have corn nor Tomatoes but that's okay because after Lunch it was time for a walk with my mom And of course we got to have our ice Cream I went for 100 raspberry it was Very tasty and I love that it wasn't too Sweet when I came home I had my dinner Which again was coconut yogurt with Raspberries and chocolate granola I'm Totally aware of my overconsumption of This meal but I am only here for a Couple of more days so it's needed I Love drinking herbal teas in the evening Today I went for fennel

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