This is the lip gloss hack that broke Tick Tock are you okay tick tock Doesn't sound like it I'm gonna need Expired lip gloss I don't want to be Wasting a new one see this black Eyeshadow over there yeah we're gonna Destroy it oh and now here is where the Magic happens we're gonna mix the black Eyeshadow with the lip gloss oh that's Not magic that's a disaster send help Okay let's see I'm gonna go this shade of lip gloss Oreos I was not the one who had all the Oreos I don't know what makes you think That it was me I don't know why everyone Is obsessed with this it's not that Great glitter the answer to everything Is glitter Ah okay uh this is not fixing it you Know it's bad when even glitter can't Save it I love it when my teeth look Great I mean Gray What if I outline my lips with some Black Pencil I'm already doing it and Add the lip gloss on top like this yeah Conclusion is black looks amazing on the Lips but not so much on the teeth

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