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How To Choose The Perfect Foundation For A Flawless, Natural Look

Foundations are available in so many shades that finding exactly the right one for you may seem daunting. Here are some tips to keep you on the right track when you’re searching for a great foundation.

Get Healthy, Shiny Hair In 7 Practical Steps

You can make healthy, shiny hair a part of your everyday reality with the 7 tips you’re about to learn. Here’s the good news: Not a single one of these tips involves visiting a hairstylist!

Simple Household Ingredients But Good Skin Care Products

Beauty products can cost a lot. And most of them are made from synthetically produced compounds and ingredients. This article gives you the benefits of using usual kitchen ingredients as a skin beauty product. It has a list of food that are good for both skin treatments and beauty.

Feed Your Face – Natural Skin Care and Repair Treatments

Skin damage or repair happens because of many reasons like sun exposure, change in weather, allergy etc. Natural skin care and repair treatments are considered to be the best remedy for damaged skin. There are no side effects of natural skin care treatments. Coffee is also healthy for skin as it helps fight against skin cancer.

Natural Detangling Shampoo

This is a diy detangling shampoo recipe that came about after struggling with chemical free hair. The journey to maintaining my wild Afro continues.

Express Your Style With 2012 Hair Color Ideas

Have you found yourself being in the middle of 2012, but your hair color still remains the same as last year’s? For a more stylish and unique appearance, hair color ideas from this season are precisely what you need. There are plenty of ideas that can even turn you into the trendsetter of the year.

An Overview of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis hair removal is the only technique authorized by the FDA for permanent hair removal. It uses an electric current to damage the hair follicle.

An Overview of Hair Removal Methods

Hair removal is a major concern for men and women all around the world. This article contains an overview of the existing hair removal methods.

Best Cures and Reducers of Eye Puffiness

There are different reducers and cures of eye puffiness. Here are some of the remedies that you might want to try for yourself.

Honey Face Mask

When applied to your skin, a honey face mask can be just incredibly great. In fact, honey used as facial masks has been known to be very beneficial for the Greeks even since ancient times. Honey has many excellent properties that can keep the skin looking beautiful, soft and youthful.

Easy to Follow Steps to Make Eyelashes Grow

Thicker and longer eyelashes are considered as a unique emblem of beauty, particularly among females. Experts say that people regard curled and long lashes paired with large eyes to be the best epitome of youth. You are probably aware that youth usually signifies health and fertility, which is why many men commonly get attracted to those women who have thick and long eyelashes.

Beauty Is Random

I have something to share with my brother’s and sister’s around the world. We as human beings have been embracing physical beauty, from the beginning of civilization. From birth to death we are told how we look like, again and again, by thousands if not millions of people.

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