Things to Know About Nail Art Piercing

Women do different things with their nails. Some like to paint it. Some like to ink designs on them.

5 Popular Types of Nail Designs

If you are a woman, you surely would love nail designs. In fact, chances are you are looking for new designs to wow your friends. So, what are the new types of nail designs that are popular today?

History of Nail Designs

If you are a woman, it’s a known fact that you will love nail designs. However, did you know that polishing and decorating one’s nail is something that has been done for thousands of years? True, you might get a nail polish brand today that did not exist a century ago but that does not mean women did not color their nails before.

How to Do a Home Manicure by Yourself?

Most ladies need to pamper themselves. In fact, when it comes to pampering, there is nothing as delightful as the time spent in a spa or saloon. However, not many have the cash or time to go to a proficient salon.

5 Essential Summer Natural Skin Care Beauty Tips To Keep Your Skin and The Environment Healthy

Enjoy out-of-doors summer activities but protect hair and skin from the damaging effects of sun, chlorine, and insects with some easy skin care tips. Avoid the introduction of chemicals onto your skin and into the environment by using organic and natural skin care beauty products.

Coconut Oil: A Reservoir of Health and Wellness

Every part of a coconut tree has useful applications. Discovery of the health and wellness benefits from coconut tree oil has opened up more possibilities. Today, the pure, organic, and unrefined form of this oil is being used widely in both pharmaceutical and personal care products industry.

Shea Butter: One of the Best Beauty Treats

Shea butter has components that make it a perfect raw material for various types of health and beauty products. Knowing about its origin, components, properties, and researches related to it allows users to identify whether a product being sold will really be effective or not.

How to Have a Flawless Wedding Makeup

Every bride is the star of her wedding day; hence, it’s very important for her makeup to be absolutely impeccable on such a momentous event. If only financially capable, it would be no surprise if she would hire a celebrity makeup artist just to ensure that this would happen on her special day.

Applying Strip Eyelashes in Just Three Simple Steps

False eyelashes have been in the makeup scene since 1916. They actually made their debut to the world when it was worn by the lovely artist, Seena Owen of the same year in the D.W. Griffith movie, “Intolerance.” For a more appealing look, Owen wore the long and thick false eyelashes for the purpose of making her lashes flutter on her cheek during instances when she gazed down.

7 Easy Do-It-Yourself Nail Art Designs

Drawing patterns of your choice, the glitter ombre, nail stickers, newspaper nails, stripy, nails, leopard nails and gold-stone nails are all some of the easy do-it-yourself designs you can use to keep your nails attractive. They offer you a great way of beautifying your nails from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Hair Care Tips – How To Safely Dye Your Hair At Home

Coloring one’s hair is not only limited to those who get tired of having grey hair, but is also becoming popular among people who wish to try new hairstyles and hairdos these days.While there are many salons and beauty parlors out there where one can get their hair colored, it is one expensive option.

Seven Makeup Mistakes That Will Give You a Tired Look

Makeup is suppose to enhance your look; hence, if you happen to lack sleep, this is the miracle that will make you look awake and perky. But what if that very purpose is defeated because of certain mistakes you make during application? You’d be surprised that these errors will only end up making you look as tired as you really are.

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